Monday, June 30, 2008

The picture that started it all

Dear Blog,
(I'm having trouble loading the pic, patience please.)
That particular jpeg has decidedly changed my future for the time being. Before I get to that riveting story, let me give you all a littttttle more insight as to why Aaron and I are moving. Aaron and I have always felt like maybe we aren't southern living folks and that perhaps we should move to the West Coast. For some reason, Seattle has always stuck out to us. We have been there a handful of times and it's so beautiful and just has a vibe that we think we can get used to. So, when it became an option for Aaron to possibly transfer out there with his job we were like, DUH, we are so there. Oh, what say you? It rains there? Well, I guess it's a good thing I bought my phatty bo batty trench coat back in March. Heeeeeeeeeey! I knew that two hours of hmmmmiiing would definitely come in handy.

So, why has that jpeg changed my future the time being? Well, the Lord has blessed me with a mind that knows what it wants. About a month ago I was given the task to find an image of an article of clothing that we sell in our boutique at the studio and do a little write up about it for a local magazine. Well, we sell a lot of The Groove Pant by lululemon in our studio so I was perusing their website looking for a high res image. While I was on their website I took a look-see at their Job section to see if there was any potential there. Lo, and behold there on the glowing LCD monitor was the write up of my future job. Store Manager. So, lululemon is opening a new store in downtown Seattle and they are looking for a store manager. I spruced up my resume and wrote a kick ass cover letter that I had Mom, Dad and Ron proof read over and over and over and then I sent it off to internet-land. Now, I hate applying online because it's like...ummm who checks that stuff? Well, I think someone checks it because about a week later I got an email from an employee about doing a telephone interview. Wooohooo, I was so excited. After a grueling telephone interview and a long week of waiting, I found out they wanted to fly me out there for a face to face. So, in two days I flew to and from Seattle and had a two hour interview. Well, obvy, I knocked their socks off and I landed the job!! I am so excited and think this is going to be a great fit for me.

Now, the kicker. I have to be out there on July 8th. That's about 2 weeks earlier than I anticipated. It totally threw me for a loop. Being the Type A worry wart that I am I was FREAKING OUT about Aaron driving out there with all of our stuff by himself. I made it my mission to find him a replacement. I racked my brain trying to think of someone who had a schedule flexible enough to drive across the country for a week. Only one person came to mind. My mom. I ran this by Aaron and he was all, "Heck yeah! Moo and Ron's big adventure!" I asked my mom if they would miss her at Starbucks for a week and she thought they could manage and she has enlisted to ride with Ron for 5 days across the country. Now this, I wish I could see. Aaron, Mom and Bella riding in Penske rental truck.

This will be very well documented.