Sunday, July 1, 2007

Shurts' semi seasonal slip n' slide spectacular

Dear Blog,

So, obvy, our slip n' slide spectacular isn't going to be semi seasonal but I couldn't mess up my roll with using all "s", so thus, it is semi seasonal. On this blog I haven't really mentioned too much about my and Ron's new house. We moved all of our shizzle in about a month before we got married and tried to get everything all nice and neat before the wedding so we wouldn't have a nightmare to come back to after the honeymoon. We love our house, living in a house is so much better than apartment dwelling. Anywhoodle, so we've wanted to have a big bash to inaugurate our new house and so in planning to do so, Aaron came up with the brazilliant idea of making a slip n' slide so everyone could relive their youth. I told Aaron that I never really liked slip n' slides when I was kid because of several reasons,
a) i didn't like being outside
b) i didn't like throwing myself on the ground
c) i didn't like the friction of skin and rubber
d) i didn't like flaunting my supermodel body in front of all of the other elementary school children, kids are mean and I knew they would be jealous.
But, I told Aaron that now that I'm grown maybe I would like doing the above. So, on with the show. We invited a slew of people. I don't know what exactly a 'slew' is, but that is a word my grandmother used and I like to say it. A lot of people showed up brought alcohol and their bathing suits. Aaron grilled burgers and dogs and we all had a great time!!

Oh, Aaron spent a LOT of time making the slip n slide, so please be sure to comment on the fierceness of the apparatus.

Double oh, I didn't get over my fear of the above mentioned fears and didn't slip or slide. But, this morning when no one was here I gave it a whirl after much coaxing from my husband. It turned out to be aight.



prof said...

that's me in the blue shorts on the first photo. the slip n slide was the bomb diggity and when i woke up this morning the first thing i said was "i can't wait to have another slip n slide party!" next time i hope everyone can come so we have a crowd all the way around!!!

*jcg said...

this is hilarious.

jason said...

I'm now wearing a sweet-ass wrist brace. Seems now that those "waivers" we joked about might have been a good idea. S'ok. Wouldn't have been a success without an injury or two.

Faris said...

True! Wish we lived in the same city so we could partake... Mate, I'm glad you at least played a LITTLE! Well, the fact that you blogged about it probably makes up for the fact that you didn't slide at the party. Fun!! Great idea Ron.

Anonymous said...

You two are so much fun and so are your blogs! Thanks.

ambular said...

I wanna come to your next slip-n-slide partay. My neices and nephews have them on a regular basis but nobody ever lets me have a turn.

"gillie's" boyfriend said...

...something about you and friction and rubber has me laughing. (i've never pretended to be the least bit mature.)

Al said...

i was wondering if anyone would say something nasty about that! leave it to spu-daddy.

Anonymous said...