Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Dear Blog,

Even though I LOVE clothes,Love, love, LOVE clothes and use them to expresssssss myself, I canNOT stand packing. I am sitting here at the computer looking at everything under the sun on the internets just to avoid packing. I'm even watching the atrocity of a t.v. show "Celebrity Rehab" just to avoid packing. Could we HAVE a worse tv show? What are we going to exploit next? Are we going to show little crack babies being weened off crack for the first few weeks of their life? Whatever!!! TV execs bring back like Happy Days or something, I think we are craving some good ole fashioned tv.

Now that I'm off that tangent, the reason why I'm even needing to pack is because tomorrow Aaron and I are heading off to God's Country; Colorado. What kind of visual picture did you get when I said "God's country?" I mean, did Colorado come to your mind, or something else? Because literally, I can't stand it when I hear people say "South Carolina is GOD'S COUNTRY" or "Alabama is GOD'S COUNTRY" (Notice how I've only heard people say that about southern states...hmmm) Because do you think God REALLY thinks that ONLY SC or AL is HIS country? I doubt it, people!! I have a feeling that these people who really think where ever they live is God's country, well, they probably suck at life and I don't want to be friends with them. God is love, Rev Run. I hope someone gets that reference besides my husband.

Since this post has been permeated by negativity, I'll end on a positive note. I love my job! I really do. My advice for anyone that's in any sort of a negative position in the workplace, seriously peeps, get a new job! It will make you a much happier person and more pleasant to be around.

Aaron and I will be in Colorado until Sunday. There will possibly be a post and maybe a video from the road. Leave some love peeps cause you know I'll be checking back in as soon as I can.

P.S. In familial news, the house has been sold in Columbia! At the beginning of May, my sweet lil Momma will be joining my sweet lil Poppa up in New York. She will officially be a damn yankee. (My dad was already one.)

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Hello. My name is Alison and I'm a Loser.

Dear Blog,

Obviously, I don't mean that I MYSELF am a loser but lately I've been losing things! Now, some of you may not know this but I pride myself on my impeccable memory and I never, ever, EVER lose things. I'm the girl who checks her purse 5 times to ensure her camera is in there, or iPod or laptop or whatever else I'm carrying that happens to be worth any money over like twenty bucks. But, in 2008 I've been losing stuff and/or forgetting things and it's really starting to grate on my nerves and make me feel like a literal loser. It all came to a head last weekend when I FORGOT my toiletry bag when I went to the beach and had to beg like a homeless person for everyone else's leftover or extra things. "Um...yeah, can I borrow your razor?" Whatever, so I started beating myself up over that. Well. When we were on our honeymoon Aaron bought me this ring.

It's a beautiful ring and I love it so, so, so much. I had been wanting it for a couple years and Aaron bought it for me as a surprise on the honeymoon! Cue doting wife; "isn't he the best?" So, since I had left my toiletry bag at home during the beach weekend I took my ring and stuck it in a pocket in my purse and left it there. On Thursday morning at about 8:25 (five minutes before I need to leave to go to the yoga studio) I decide I need to take my ring out of my purse for obvy reasons. Well, I look and it is not there. In a panic, I dump out the contents of my purse and it is not there. I then go shrieking around the house looking for my ring and I canNOT find it anywhere. The sobbing ensues here and I do the only thing I can think to do. I call my mom. "MOOOOOOOOOOOOM, I (hiccup) can't find my riiiiiiiiiiing!!!!"
"Um...good morning Alison...I can't understand you."
muffled sobs, "I can't find my ring that Aaron bought me on the HOOOOONNNEEEYYYMOOOOOOOOOOON"
After telling her the story that took twice as long because I was HYSTERICAL she just calmly tells me to not give up on it and clean myself up and go to work. Okay. I was all set to take the Vespa that morning (mental picture: me running around the house crying and talking to my mom with my helmet on) but I couldn't because I was in too fragile a mental state to get on Bertie, (her new name thanks to JCG). So I jump in my car and what is staring me in the face? My ring!!! It was in the passenger seat.

Have I learned my lesson yes? I must immediately go out and buy a cute small jewelry holder for my purse.
Oh, and when I get to work and am explaining about my losing streak to one of my coworkers she immediately said "Well, I guess you weren't supposed to have it in the first place."

Damn hippie.


Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Dear Blog,

I'm literally so excited to be sitting down writing this post that my heart is racing with glee. You think I'm kidding but I'm not! It's not that I have anything terribly exciting, insightful or witty to write about but I'm addicted to my blog like Goldie Hawn is addicted to lip injections! So, I'm back from like what? A week and a half of absence? What to the EV that will never happen again. (I hope.)

Where did we leave off? Oh yeah, I left the rag for the yoga studio and now have a Vespa. First off, I love my new job!!!!!!!!!!! I really, really, really, really love it. I am not micro managed at all, people expect me to do a good job and I do a good job and then I go home. The days fly by and I think that's a sign that I like my job? I'm not constantly looking at the clock and wondering when I'm gonna get my next b*tch ass email from you-know-who and thinking I need a drink, instead I'm like WHAT?!? it's 5:00, I need to change into my yoga clothes and get a spot for yoga, where's my wheat grass shot? Everyone I work with is the bomb and I hope they think I'm the bomb but it's too early to tell. I know Jaimi thinks I'm great but that doesn't count because I knew her before. Shoot.

So, after we got the Vespa, Aaron and I did a lot of scooter riding to get me more comfortable on it so I could drive it to work and decrease my footprint on planet Earth. Well, at first I sucked hardcore but now I think I've got a handle on it. I drove it to work yesterday and I've decided it was my mission in life to ride a Vespa. Everyone loves Vespas! Me being extremely self centered and self loving, translate that into; "Everyone loves ME!" I get tons of smiles and waves and honks everywhere I go. And before you get all smarty pants and think "they're honking at you to move out of the way dumbass", NO, they're not. They're honking at me to get my attention and mouth "I love your Vespa!" which I then translate into "I love YOU on your Vespa" and it makes our day that much better. I'm bringing JOY into the lives of others.

This past weekend I went to Kiawah with internet bff and friends. Just to clarify, Internet bff and I went to the same elementary, middle and highschool together, while we were friends we were decidedly not bff and I don't know if we ever had a telephone convo during that time period and that is really telling of a friendship because adolescense is all about talking on the phone. We reunited about a year ago over facebook and somehow or another bonded and have now each earned the title Internet Bff. Isn't it lovely how things work out? She is a wonderful friend and I had a GREAT time at her beautiful house at the beach. (I would love to go back...is that subtle?) Not to diminish the others that were there, I enjoyed hanging out with you all and hope to do it again. Thanks for the laughs and laid back, chillaxed time. Shout out to Cheri who reminded me of the times we would go to Eau Claire highschool for basketball games and have to get down really low on the bus because we were being rocked by overzealous ghetto Eau Claire fans! Literally, a great laugh and so indicative of my high school experience.

Lastly, I succumbed to fugliness and bought a pair of Uggs. My bff's Jaimi and Sarrin have a pair and they just seem so easy to wear to scoot around in and since I'm scooting around A LOT these days, I bought some. I don't think they're cute but they're easy to put on and they're warm and supposedly they keep your feet dry.

Whew, I'm feeling so much better after writing this...I must do it again soon.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Victory in Jesus and Vespas

Dear Blog,

I'm going to be honest. I just wrote a reaaaaallllyyyyyy long post about my last day at the magazine and all of my likes, dislikes and grievances. I put it up for about 10 minutes (long enough to put cupcake batter in the cupcake pan and stick 'em in the oven) and then asked Aaron what he thought and we agreed I needed to take it down. Long siiiiigh. Part of me wants EVERYONE to know about my experience(s) there but my blog might not be the best forum to get it all out. So, that chapter of my life is closed and I feel very healthy and happy about it. I am an honest, honest believer of everything happening for a reason both good and bad. So, I'll break it down for ya; I worked for the magazine, I met my work bff Jaimi, she introduced me to yoga, I started going and became great friends with the head instructor and owners, and they asked me to manage their ever growing studio and help them open their second location. So, DUH, tomorrow I'm starting a new job! I'm stoked about tomorrow and I know this is going a great experience and the beginning of a frizzy fresh feroshe start to the new year.

Another awesome thing that happened today, my fantastic husband and I bought a brand spankin' new Vespa!! So excited, so excited, so excited. Love it, love it, love it. We are doing our part to reduce our footprint on Mother Earth while looking totally sweet. I plan on tootin' my scooter to and fro the yoga studio. Check out the vid from you tube.

Also, go on over to Uncle Urb's site to hear his explanation of the joy of being a Vespa owner.

P.S. A big shout out to former co workers and fellow blog readers Bailie and Nini! I love you peeps and presidents club 4 life boyeeeeee!!

Amen and amen,

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Art with Heart/I heart Alexis Bittar

Dear Blog,

I think I have found my NEWEST obsession and it's called bidding on stuff at auctions. Why? Because, sometimes it's just fun to buy shit. Last night Aaron and I put on the glitz and went to a benefit for domestic violence and it was called Art with Heart. They had a plethora of art up for auction and the evening was split into two parts, the silent auction and then the live auction. Let me be honest here, the only art I have ever owned are those posters they sold at the big poster sale before classes started at Furman and I don't think those necessarily count. Suffice it say that I am honing my skills at picking out beeeeautiful art. I'm always a little timid at telling Aaron what I like because I'm afraid he won't like it and then he'll make fun of me because of my sucky picking out art skills. But, last night everything I pointed out he said he liked too so I know I'm getting better at this whole liking art thing.

Another thing I found out last night was that Aaron doesn't mind spending money on art! Who knew? Usually the husby doesn't really spend money on things for himself, he leaves that up to me but last night I saw a little gleam in his eye when he saw some art he liked. He bid on stuff at the silent auction and also bid on things at the live auction, he didn't win anything but it was fun to watch him get excited over the possibility of taking home something. I won something though!! Maddi's Gallery on East Boulevard donated an Alexis Bittar necklace and no one bid on it during the whole silent auction so in the last 5 minutes I swooped in for the kill! I won, it was quite the glorious feeling. I'm wearing my necklace now and it makes me feel precious.

Alexis Bittar hails from NYC and you should check out his stuff because it is cool and affordable. I'm already on the hunt for my second piece. For all things Alexis click here

I'm diggin' this bracelet...and Valentine's Day is riiiight around the corner.