Sunday, February 3, 2008

Art with Heart/I heart Alexis Bittar

Dear Blog,

I think I have found my NEWEST obsession and it's called bidding on stuff at auctions. Why? Because, sometimes it's just fun to buy shit. Last night Aaron and I put on the glitz and went to a benefit for domestic violence and it was called Art with Heart. They had a plethora of art up for auction and the evening was split into two parts, the silent auction and then the live auction. Let me be honest here, the only art I have ever owned are those posters they sold at the big poster sale before classes started at Furman and I don't think those necessarily count. Suffice it say that I am honing my skills at picking out beeeeautiful art. I'm always a little timid at telling Aaron what I like because I'm afraid he won't like it and then he'll make fun of me because of my sucky picking out art skills. But, last night everything I pointed out he said he liked too so I know I'm getting better at this whole liking art thing.

Another thing I found out last night was that Aaron doesn't mind spending money on art! Who knew? Usually the husby doesn't really spend money on things for himself, he leaves that up to me but last night I saw a little gleam in his eye when he saw some art he liked. He bid on stuff at the silent auction and also bid on things at the live auction, he didn't win anything but it was fun to watch him get excited over the possibility of taking home something. I won something though!! Maddi's Gallery on East Boulevard donated an Alexis Bittar necklace and no one bid on it during the whole silent auction so in the last 5 minutes I swooped in for the kill! I won, it was quite the glorious feeling. I'm wearing my necklace now and it makes me feel precious.

Alexis Bittar hails from NYC and you should check out his stuff because it is cool and affordable. I'm already on the hunt for my second piece. For all things Alexis click here

I'm diggin' this bracelet...and Valentine's Day is riiiight around the corner.



professor said...

I have to agree that last night was a great time. I bid on a Romare Bearden print and thought I was going to win until some crazy lady swooped in like a hawk and doubled the bid price. I mean seriously, who does that? Especially when you could have gotten it for like $600.00 cheaper? Yes, I am peeved but oh well. I guess we can't quite compete with the rich and famous just yet.

*jcg said...

i suck at picking out art too. but i heart that necklace!

merritt said...

My father-in-law is similar to your husb: He won't buy for himself but goes crazy for the art. He has so many pieces that he has to change their entire house by season just so display his favorites.

prof said...

that necklace is art so therefore... you don't suck.