Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Runnin' on Empty

Dear Blog,

I love blogging, don't get me wrong, but I take this blog seriously for all you readers and I'm always thinking of the perfect, funny, sassy, saucy, authentic topic. I will sit down in my front of my computer and write, rewrite, back space, read and re-read until I think I have the BEST blog ever. I like to surprise Aaron with it and then grill him about what his favorite part was, what he thought was the most funny and generally whether or not he even liked it. So when I was bemoaning on the couch that I had nothing to blog about, I wasn't surprised when I had a pillow in my face. The bellafrench fam has just had one of their busiest weekends yet.

Friday night Aaron and I went to see one of America's greatest singer/songwriters, Jackson Browne, at one of our favorite local wineries. I know I've mentioned before how much I love music and how certain songs will elicit emotions from a period of my life that I haven't thought about in years. When I think of Jackson Browne, I will always be reminded of road trips in the family Volvo. He is an artist our whole family likes and we could always agree to listen to him when traveling to all the places we would go. (The Williams' like to drive. We just get in the car and off we go.) One of my favorite JB songs is "Late for the Sky." When I was in high school I was convinced that I could convince my ignorant youth group leader that a song deemed secular could still be religious or spiritual in nature with that particular song. I worked so hard getting ready for my 'presentation' and interpreted the lyrics and was excited to share with my youth group. I was shot down fast and hard. Be wary of chubby youth leaders who wear gold cross earrings and polyester suits. But, I digress. The concert was wonderful. The live music that comes to Seattle is a major perk of living here. Next on the plate; Modest Mouse, Black Eyed Peas and Franz Ferdinand at a local festival and then the coup de grace; PEARL JAM!! Oh how I will forever be loyal to Eddie Vedder and the men of Pearl Jam.

Saturday entailed a wedding of one of my coworkers. Aaron's mad dancin' skillz garnered the attention of the ladays. I will not go in to details but there may or may not have been some butt grabbage on Aaron from a lady admirer. Do work Ron. Shake it like I taughtcha. The wedding was beautiful. The great thing about weddings is they always remind me of my wedding , or maybe that's just me.

Around 11:30 pm after the wedding we picked up my mom from the airport!! We've been having non stop fun. Well, I don't know how much she's been having. So far she has cooked three dishes for us and done about 4 loads of our laundry. She insists she likes doing this...aight. I love having my mom out here so she can get a little taste of our lifestyle. I like showing off Seattle and the store and having her meet my peeps. So, we're all having a good ole time.

Mom is going to be here for almost another week, so more exciting stories and pics to come.


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Slippin n Slidin

Dear Blog,

You know, it's about 80 degrees in the house and having a laptop on my lap makes me even hotter, however I have a particular spot on the couch that is so comfortable and I can then look at,,, all my peeps' blogs, email WORK and also watch Bravo CNN. It is tres convenient and I won't give it up even if it burns my legs or makes me infertile. Laptop comes first. Little AliRon's second. (ed. note: Please do not send me any propaganda about laptops making me infertile, I won't read it 'cause I don't believe it. Guess time will tell.)

Status Update! My dad won the Williams weight loss challenge. He has successfully lost and maintained 10 lbs. Way to go Big Don! I'm still hovering between the 5 and 6 pound weight loss. I must admit that I have not tried that hard lately. I've been enjoying dark chocolate m&m's a tad too much. My dad's weight loss has inspired me to get back on track. Aaron and I ran yesterday for the first time since Hawaii, we went about 4 miles and I was fixin' (southern euphemism for 'about') to die after that one. If I'm going to run the Seattle half in November then I need to more than once a month. I wish I could be more like my friend Drew who gets up and runs every morning at 5:30 am or something crazy. Every time I have grand intentions to get up early I tell my alarm clock to quit trippin' and I go back to sleep. See how I managed to turn that paragraph about my dad back to me? It's a talent. Anywho, way to go dad! Be on the lookout for your prize in the mail.

Speaking of Drew and also trippin', Drew has been politely asking me and Ron to post pics of the SSS&SP (short shorts slip&slide party) pics. It was so fun! Here is my favorite picture of the whole afternoon/evening.

The look on Aaron's face is classic. I'm sure you're now wondering what I was doing? Well wait no longer my friends:

That's right. I was chatting. Don't judge me. It was kind of cold that day. Like I said, it was fun but I think it would have been more fun if more people came. I think people are scared of short shorts. Get over it people. It's fun. Enough said. We'll have it next year and I'm expecting you all to be here. Oh and yeah, our grass looks sad but believe it or not we haven't had that much rain in ole Seattle this summer. This being Aaron and my first summer here we didn't water the grass because we thought that would be ruh tarded. Little did we know that we are the ruh tards.

Status update: My mom is coming out here on Saturday!!! Let the games and southern frivolity begin y'all! I love it when she talks and people ask her where she's from, everyone loves a southern belle.

I think bellafrench needs a facelift. Any suggestions for new a color theme? A new snotty phrase at the top?

Also, in an effort to update more often I was thinking about adding a new section called That's What She Said, I know, original right? Anyway, in this section I would just write anonymous little quips that either I have said or I have heard from one of my friends/coworkers/cohorts/conversations with Aaron, etc. Here is a little preview:

Friend A: What do you think, Alexander McQueen or Louis Vuitton?
Friend B: Hard to say. I have a heated sexual response to Alexander McQueen. Louis Vuitton is kind of rap video.

That's all for tonight!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Dear Blog,

I think we've all decided that at least french pedicures are decidedly out, I keep looking at my feet and thinking "ew." I don't know what I was thinking. My peeps at work just tell me to take it off but then I'm like, well I spent money on getting a manicure and pedicure so I might as well keep it on there because 99% of American women think they look good and the 1% that include me and my friends think they don't look good but are narcissistic enough to think if we wear it, it's automatically in style. Am I right? I think so. However, in the future I will not be repeating this mistake.

I've been in Seattle for a whole year! My actual one year anniversary was July 7th. It has been the fastest year of my life. Aaron and I have definitely had an adventure or two getting to know our new 'hood. Don't get me wrong, I've been homesick and he's been homesick at times but we both are so glad that we moved out here. I can honestly say it's starting to feel like home. The fact that we have more than 2 friends is really helping. Oh, and the fact that I heart, heart, heart my job. It's the bomb. AND in exciting, exciting news guess which Seattle suburb was ranked #1 by Seattle Magazine? Kenmore, or as I affectionately call it "Kenmo'" or "The More." You know, I think it was ranked #1 because it's about to be privy to the biggest party Kenmorians have ever seen; The Shurts' 3rd Annual Short Shorts Slip n Slide Party. If you don't know, now you know. It's next weekend folks, Saturday August 15th. Get ready. There will be photographic evidence.

Lastly, it's the end of an era. My 2004 ibook g4 has been retired and is about to be given to a new owner, my mom. Now, what does that mean for me? It means I got a new computer fools. This is the first brand new computer that I've ever had. I've always been given hand me downs, I feel so special and techy now. I told Aaron I really, really, needed a new computer because I'm a serious blogger. You would think he would have known by now. I think this new computer might be the one of the most beautiful pieces of machinery that I have ever seen. It has a built in camera and here is a picture I took of me, as proof.

I LOVE IT! Have you seen those annoying commercials where the stupid girl is trying to find a computer and she's given $1000 and there's only one mac that meets her requirements under $1000 and she leaves the apple store saying "I guess I'm not cool enough to be a mac person." Yeah, dummy, I guess you're not. Why the eff would someone promoting HP or Dell or whatever lame-o brand it is (the fact that it looks more like a Best Buy commercial means it's a terrible ad campaign in my opinion) suggest that they're not cool enough to buy a mac so they have to buy a pc? I don't get it.

Real Housewives of Atlanta is back on and it's as much of train wreck as ever. And you best believe I'm tuning in every week. The brand new season of Project Runway starts next Thursday and I'm stoked!! That's one of my most fave shows ever. Remember though, it's on Lifetime and not Bravo.

Alrighty folks that's all for tonight!
Signing off from my new computer.


Monday, August 3, 2009

What's love got to do with it?

Dear Blog,

I generally keep my fingers and toes manicured and pedicured as a rule because who wants to see gnarly fingers when they're being rung up by moi? Plus it's summer time so the only time I wear non sandals is when I'm working out. My father taught me at a young age that feet have the tendency to be very ugly so I have always taken good care of mine. Dad is also quite the extremist, he thinks that sandals should be outlawed. He dislikes feet that much. All of this to say I got a mani/pedi this morning and I decided to go french mani/pedi because I thought maybe I would like it. The verdict is still out. I used to like it. Then I thought it looked trashy. So I tested the waters to see if I liked it again and I'm not sure. What do you think blog readers? Is french mani/pedi in or out? Also, is it just Seattle or is the economy stabilizing? There were A TON of women in the nail place this morning. Usually it's just me and my nail lady watching Vietnamese soap operas.

A good friend of mine is going through a rocky spot in her marriage and is looking for comfort outside of her home...if you know what I mean. (I will be waiting for the flood of emails in my inbox asking who it is from a certain few bellafrench readers...suffice it so say you don't know her but go ahead and email me anyway! I love email!) I cannot, cannot, cannot explain how sad I feel by this whole situation. Generally, I'm not sympathetic or empathetic. Life is filled with facts and truths and non-truths, I make all decisions based on these. I'm not touchy feely, I don't make emotional decisions, I tell people the truth regardless of what they want to hear and expect the same in return. I sound like such a joy don't I?

However, when it comes to what might be a dissolved marriage I just want my friend to fight for what she said she would fight for when she said her vows. I don't think marriage is something that can be tossed to the side when something or someone comes along. This whole situation has made me examine my relationship with Aaron. The thought of something or someone coming in between us almost bring tears to my eyes and makes me want to hurl at the same time. And that is what I'm feeling for my friend.

That's all for tonight friends! Don't forget to comment about the aforementioned french mani/pedi query. It is quite pressing.