Thursday, March 26, 2009

Sunbathing in the Northwest

Dear Blog,

I know I've griped about this before and I'm going to gripe about it again, 'cause I can yo. Everyone in the U.S of A has a schtick about Seattle and the copious amounts of rain mist we get. "Rain" is often the first word that comes out of everyone's mouth when the word "Seattle" is merely uttered. It's like the whole U.S gets off on talking about something that's semi annoying about a city in which they don't live, and I think it's done to make people feel better about where they DO live. When I moved from Columbia to Greenville and told people I was from Cola town they immediately would say, "It's so HOT there, how did you stand it?" Really? Greenville is all of two degrees cooler than Columbia. Seriously folks. It's hot as balls up there too.

Anyway, I'm totally digressing from the point. So, this winter hasn't been that bad in Seattle. It's been cold, and we had like 18 feet of snow right before Christmas but other than that it's been legit. We've had lots of sunny days, some cloudy days, some random hail storms and snow flurries. I would say it's been a typical winter for anyone in the northern part of the U.S. None of this bothered me until just a few days ago. I'm itching for spring! I think the first official day of Spring happening last week made me want it that much more. It's still pretty cold here and lately all of the days have been really cloudy and misty making me feel antsy for some sun. I check the weather on my iphone everyday and get so excited when I see a yellow sun instead of rainy clouds, and that day came today! This afternoon was SO sunny I just couldn't stand it! Aaron and I took Bella on a long walk and then continued the frivolity in our backyard. I was so sun happy that I just layed down right in the backyard (I checked for Bella poop, don't worry) and I stayed there for about 20 minutes. I had to get my vitamin D and some color on my white, white face. I was immediately in a better mood and I think Ron and Bella were as well. There is no moral to this story other than we make our own happiness and if that is 20 minutes in my backyard sunbathing in multiple layers, then that's what it is.


Monday, March 23, 2009

Hair it is!

Dear Blog,

What is it about a haircut that makes me so happy? I don't know why, I don't know how and I don't know where but it's something I look forward to every 6-8 weeks. Anyway, I got my hair cut and colored today and I feel like a whole new woman. The blonde bee is back! I don't have many pics to share but I cut all of my hair off in December a la Victoria Beckham and I rocked the short, short hair for a bit but I felt my facial features were a tad too strong for the short hair so I decided to give it a little bit of length and take it back to my natural* color blonde. Here's a short hair pic of me and Kris tradin' swigs o' whiskey. To answer a couple of questions that I'm sure have arisen upon seeing this picture: a.) I'm not jeepin' on Aaron, Kris is Aaron's bff and Aaron took this picture. b.) I don't even like whiskey, I just wanted to drink it c.) I barfed until about 6 pm the next day d.) I'm never drinking whiskey again.

In a couple of months, this is my vision for my hair: a sleek, simple, blond bob. We'll see, a lot can happen between now and then. Anyway, I've always had a special bond with the person that cuts my hair. In Columbia, I went to the same stylist from the age of 5 to 25. For real! I invited the woman to my wedding. Once I was in Charlotte a couple of years and I was tired of driving to Columbia for a haircut and Brenda was getting a little long in the tooth, I took a risk on a woman named Misti at T. Reid on East Blvd and fell in love with her! She did my hair for my wedding, dyed it brown, dyed it back to blonde, toyed with putting in hair extensions, gossiped with me, etc. We had a tearful goodbye when I moved to Seattle. Upon being in Seattle I've gone to three stylists and I've finally settled on one but I just haven't forged that bond. I'm working on it though, I'm not giving up! Am I being ridiculous or do you get what I'm saying? There's just something special about the time spent in the chair while a stylist is shaping your hair!

Gripe pertaining to yoga: Make sure your feet don't smell. That's all I'm going to say about that.

That's it for tonight folks!

*I was born blonde, it's not my fault it slowly turned brown.



Sunday, March 15, 2009

The truth will set you free

Dear Blog,
I have a shocking secret to admit, BellaFrench has a hater. I know, I know, it's hard to was a big idea for me to swallow. After a couple of weeks of ruminating on this subject I am now understanding the ramifications of having someone dislike you. It's not fun. It appears as though an internet troll stumbled upon my little bloggy here and wasn't in love with it! Shocking. Having someone dislike my blog has affected how often I've been posting and it just dawned on me today that that is not fair to all of the people who DO like my blog. So, pish posh, I wash my hands of you hater. As Rihanna sings so eloquently with T.I, "ain't got no time for no hata's, just livin' my life."

Seattle is as cold as ever and this year it seems as though snow really likes this area. People in Seattle amaze me. Only in this city will 8,000 people show up for a 3.5 mile run in 34 degree weather, did I mention it was snowing? Oh yeah, it was snowing. This was no ordinary snow folks, the snowflakes were about as big as a quarter. They were the fattest snowflake this southerner has ever seen! I wasn't totally into waking up before seven on the Lord's day to go run in the snow, but I gave my word to my team that I would be there. Oh yeah, and I dragged Aaron along with me :) Yay for being married!! You get to do all sorts of fun stuff! The race was fun, I'm not sure what my time was but I'm sure it was superfast. I had fun seeing my girls this morning and the race was aight and then I enjoyed getting in the car and coming home! Wooo. Here's a pic of our crew and yeah, my eyes are totally closed.

So, I can successfully run 3.5 miles, only 10 more to go before the half marathon in June! Wooooooo. (Shout out to Drew! Can't wait to see you!)

In other exciting news, my ten year high school reunion is this summer!! Argh. I'm getting old! I'm debating upon whether or not I'm going to go. I mean, I think I should go but what if I fly all the way to the South Carolina and it's totally lame? What do you think peeps? Should I go to my high school reunion and drag The Ron along with me?


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

AliRon Shurts

Dear Blog,

Aaron and I always joke around about baby names, we already have our daughter's name picked out and I've probably told all of you that read this blog but I don't want to share with the world wide web because that seems wrong. And no, I'm not pregnant but I do seem to blog about it often don't I? I need to stop doing that. Having babay's is not my thing, not at this moment anyway. Wow, I really steered off course with that one. So, we've joked about combining our names, Alison and Aaron, to AliRon! It could be a boy's name or a girl's name, how convenient is that? Too convenient if you ask me, like, it's almost tempting.

However, I feel like this name combining has gone too far. And now I'm going to take it back to facebook. Since now everyone and their mom now has a facebook account several married couples have gone to such lengths to create a joint account. I can see the conversation now;

Wife: "Honey, all my friends at work have something called 'the facebook' and they say I should join because I can stay in touch with all of my friends from elementary school, who weren't really my friends but I just want to see if they've gotten fat over the past 20 years, and I can throw fake water balloons at people, and I can even save the earth with somethin' called the Lil' Green Patch."

(editors note: all of my fake characters have deep southern accents)

Husband: "Um hm"

Wife: "Well, if I get on the facebook, I want you to get on the facebook too because I don't want any ONLINE PREDATORS predatating on me"

Husband: "Wife, is you crazy? I sit at work all day looking at a computer and I don't even remember anyone I went to grade school with, and we don't even RE-cycle why would I want to save the earth with some g$!@#$WSn lil green patch?"

Wife: "Well, hows about this? I'll create a JOINT account and that way it'll scare away all them online predators and I can still throw fake water balloons at my old friends."

So, you know the end of this story. Husband and Wife now combine their name and become AliRon Shurts that you can too can be friends with.

Now, my gripe is this. What if I'm friends with the wife and don't know the husband? Or, I don't like the husband? Or worse, I made out with the husband?!? I'm just sayin'. I see a combined account going all kinds a wrong.
"Why are you friends with your ex-girlfriend? You still LOVE her don't you? I knew it!"

"Why are you friends with your frenemy? You talk smack about her all the time, how can you be virtual friends with her? Just so you can make fun of her? You're a terrible person."

You see how wrong this could go? I say, take a stand for independence!

Besides you could always do what I do, just memorize the Ron's passwords so I can check up on his ass.