Friday, May 29, 2009

My boo times two

Dear Blog,

Can you believe we've been married for two years?!? What the hell? Why does time go by so fast? Only five more to go with my practice husband. I told Ron I could guarantee him seven years.

I kid, I kid. Sometimes I'll tell him that though to keep him on his toes. I think it keeps the marriage alive.

Tuesday, May 26th, was my and Ron's second anniversary. So the past couple of times the anniversary has rolled around it has me thinking about our wedding and what, if anything, I would do differently. The only thing I can think of would be to enjoy it more and not worry about what other people thought. I got so wrapped up in what people would think of the type of chairs we had at our reception or whether people would think we weren't popular if a million people didn't come. Honestly, these thoughts would keep me up at night before the wedding. When I think of how silly those things were and now two years later people won't even be able to remember some of the silly details I fretted over, it makes me feel like a big bowl of grits.

Remember last year when I declared that every anniversary Ron and I were going to go on a "mini moon?" In true Alison fashion, we didn't lie and we took our mini moon to Lake Chelan this year. It's a beautiful lake about 150 miles to the east of us, through the mountains. What some of you might not know about Washington, is that only the area west of the mountains receives the rain and has a mild climate. Eastern Washington is dry, arid, and hot as balls. Perfect for a southerner! It gave me a little taste of home. For 48 hours Aaron and I just sat out by the pool, had some drinks and looked at all the college kids who were acting like they haven't had any home trainin'. Seriously. At one point, Aaron nudged me from my too much sun stupor and said "Those two girls are making out and there's a guy filming them." And, he wasn't lying. I felt like I was on spring break at Cancun! It was wild. Howevs, the staff at the resort gave us a room away from all of the debauchery so we could watch The Deadliest Catch in peace and be in bed by 11 pm.

You know, Aaron and I had such an easy first year of marriage that I thought maybe our second year would be harder seeing as how we moved across the country and left all of our friends and family. I was proven wrong and we've had another great year together. I still look forward every day to waking up beside Aaron and every night to when he comes home. He's my biggest supporter, he always laughs at my jokes and he treats me like the queen bee I am. And I, in turn, would do anything for him. (I know what you're thinking and luckily Aaron would never come between me and my clothes.) We are truly MFEO.

Here's to year number 3!


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Say what?

Dear Blog,

The following two conversations were had in the Shurts household over the past week and a half or so.

Aaron: I'm going to see a man about a canoe.
Me: Have fun.
Two hours later
Aaron: I bought a canoe.
Alison: Okay. How much was it?
Aaron: Two hundred dollars. That's how much you spend on a pair of shoes. I got a CANOE.

Conversation number 2
Aaron: We need to go weed the front beds.
Alison: I don't see any weeds.
Aaron: See all these? (Pointing to some crazy overgrown weeds, that I honestly didn't know were weeds) These are weeds and need to be pulled.
Alison: Oh. I thought those were green, luscious pieces of goodness that added beauty to our front yard.

I find my relationship with my husband to be one that is extremely humorous and I've often thought that if Aaron and I were in a reality show, it would be crazy popular and then Aaron and I would be BIG and FAMOUS! It's funny how the dreams of being rich and famous don't go away as you get older when everyone in Hollywood is becoming much younger than you are. (Please tell me other people think about things like this? I also have a daydream where Spurgeon and I host a talk show that rivals Ellen and Oprah in popularity.)

A common thread among these reality tv shows is that many couples start out married and as the cameras follow, their relationship disintegrates. What's up with that? It's very disconcerting. Who doesn't remember Jessica asking Nick about Chicken of the Sea being chicken or tuna, and now all we hear about is who Jessica and Nick are dating. The Count and the Countess DeLessups are no longer together, what will the Countess do without her title? And last but not least, Jon and Kate Gosslin who have EIGHT children to think about when they're slinging mud at each via the media and their extended family. AND, apparently they had an open marriage. Gross.

All of this nonsensical daydreaming has led me to believe that I will never be on The Real Housewives of Seattle because I would never risk my marriage for 15 minutes of fame. And I would probably never be on The Real Housewives of Seattle because I am far from a millionairess, but hey I'm only 28. I have time. I'm still banking on my talk show with Spurgeon.


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Oh Snap!

Dear Blog,

Sorry for the delay in posting die hard BF fans, I've been stockpiling canned foods and making emergency kits in preparation for the end times. I'm thinking to myself that surely the end times must be near with the shitty economy and then the swine flu pandemic, something just ain't right folks. But then I heard that the swine flu was just like a cold or something and I decided to come out of hiding and begin blogging again for you fine folk.

A lot has happened in the past almost month. I traveled back home to the dirty South to see my parents, my best friend's little sis get married and my other best friends newest addition to the fam; Harper Dana. Now, in preparation for my trip to the South and especially for the wedding, I was in search of a new outfit. A new outfit, wheeeeeee!! These days, a shopping trip with me usually looks like me walking around looking at clothes and Aaron following me looking at his iphone. Thank God for those things. If there's an Apple store within walking distance we'll always stop in there to appease him, oh and we always get a snack. Gotta keep the men happy, especially when they're watching you spend money. So, one thing I noticed when I was in search of my bomb outfit is that it appears as though I've gotten fat. Well, I don't really think I've gotten fat but the size I would normally wear in clothes wasn't fitting and I believe this is due to the fact that I wear stretchy pants everyday. Those stretchy pants will get you everytime. So, I've embarked on a diet. Like, a tried and true diet where I burn more calories than I consume, track my eating and weigh every Monday type of diet. I didn't think it was going to be fun but it really hasn't been that hard. I've just been consuming a lot more fruits and veggies and drinking more water and making sure I work out at least 4 times a week. To date I've lost one pound of gobby, grody fat. Only 9 more to go. I tried to engage my dad in a friendly competition to see who could lose ten pounds first but to date he hasn't lost any lb's. I don't think he's trying that hard seeing as how a little birdie told me that he's been eating sausage biscuits for breakfast here and there.

My trip to the south was so much fun. It was so warm and I was so happy sitting on the back porch of my parents house in Mississippi throwing the tennis ball with their pup. It was just sooooo laid back and I enjoyed my 5 days their to the maximum. Plus I got to spend time with three of my good friends, Faris, Drew and Leigh. As usual I cried and cried when I left my family and friends, which I can't really explain because I'm not that sentimental. Maybe I was just crying because I knew serious dieting was waiting for me back in Seattle? Who knows.

On a funnier note, yesterday (Sunday) Aaron decided he wanted a canoe. So he bought one. I know. A canoe? To me just the word canoe is funny to say. Canoe. Canoe. I let him take the canoe out on a test run yesterday but today I decided to join him. Seriously y'all, canoeing is funny. I couldn't stop laughing whilst in the canoe. I think because the only reason I was in that damn canoe is because of how much I love Ron and I knew he wanted me to go. Oh, the things you do for love. Just think of me in a canoe decked out in and Prada sunglasses and you'll get a good laugh too.