Friday, May 29, 2009

My boo times two

Dear Blog,

Can you believe we've been married for two years?!? What the hell? Why does time go by so fast? Only five more to go with my practice husband. I told Ron I could guarantee him seven years.

I kid, I kid. Sometimes I'll tell him that though to keep him on his toes. I think it keeps the marriage alive.

Tuesday, May 26th, was my and Ron's second anniversary. So the past couple of times the anniversary has rolled around it has me thinking about our wedding and what, if anything, I would do differently. The only thing I can think of would be to enjoy it more and not worry about what other people thought. I got so wrapped up in what people would think of the type of chairs we had at our reception or whether people would think we weren't popular if a million people didn't come. Honestly, these thoughts would keep me up at night before the wedding. When I think of how silly those things were and now two years later people won't even be able to remember some of the silly details I fretted over, it makes me feel like a big bowl of grits.

Remember last year when I declared that every anniversary Ron and I were going to go on a "mini moon?" In true Alison fashion, we didn't lie and we took our mini moon to Lake Chelan this year. It's a beautiful lake about 150 miles to the east of us, through the mountains. What some of you might not know about Washington, is that only the area west of the mountains receives the rain and has a mild climate. Eastern Washington is dry, arid, and hot as balls. Perfect for a southerner! It gave me a little taste of home. For 48 hours Aaron and I just sat out by the pool, had some drinks and looked at all the college kids who were acting like they haven't had any home trainin'. Seriously. At one point, Aaron nudged me from my too much sun stupor and said "Those two girls are making out and there's a guy filming them." And, he wasn't lying. I felt like I was on spring break at Cancun! It was wild. Howevs, the staff at the resort gave us a room away from all of the debauchery so we could watch The Deadliest Catch in peace and be in bed by 11 pm.

You know, Aaron and I had such an easy first year of marriage that I thought maybe our second year would be harder seeing as how we moved across the country and left all of our friends and family. I was proven wrong and we've had another great year together. I still look forward every day to waking up beside Aaron and every night to when he comes home. He's my biggest supporter, he always laughs at my jokes and he treats me like the queen bee I am. And I, in turn, would do anything for him. (I know what you're thinking and luckily Aaron would never come between me and my clothes.) We are truly MFEO.

Here's to year number 3!



Connor Family Blog said...

Aw, this is so sweet, Mate! When I was at Britt's wedding on Saturday, I started thinking about how it was your anniversary...well, a little past, but that's ok. I have always been so glad that you found Ron. He is such a good match for you and I'm happy that you are onto year number 3!!! Year of the baby? Pleeeease!!!

Prof said...

Year of the baby? I thought it was the year of the Aardvark...

Anonymous said...