Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Oh Snap!

Dear Blog,

Sorry for the delay in posting die hard BF fans, I've been stockpiling canned foods and making emergency kits in preparation for the end times. I'm thinking to myself that surely the end times must be near with the shitty economy and then the swine flu pandemic, something just ain't right folks. But then I heard that the swine flu was just like a cold or something and I decided to come out of hiding and begin blogging again for you fine folk.

A lot has happened in the past almost month. I traveled back home to the dirty South to see my parents, my best friend's little sis get married and my other best friends newest addition to the fam; Harper Dana. Now, in preparation for my trip to the South and especially for the wedding, I was in search of a new outfit. A new outfit, wheeeeeee!! These days, a shopping trip with me usually looks like me walking around looking at clothes and Aaron following me looking at his iphone. Thank God for those things. If there's an Apple store within walking distance we'll always stop in there to appease him, oh and we always get a snack. Gotta keep the men happy, especially when they're watching you spend money. So, one thing I noticed when I was in search of my bomb outfit is that it appears as though I've gotten fat. Well, I don't really think I've gotten fat but the size I would normally wear in clothes wasn't fitting and I believe this is due to the fact that I wear stretchy pants everyday. Those stretchy pants will get you everytime. So, I've embarked on a diet. Like, a tried and true diet where I burn more calories than I consume, track my eating and weigh every Monday type of diet. I didn't think it was going to be fun but it really hasn't been that hard. I've just been consuming a lot more fruits and veggies and drinking more water and making sure I work out at least 4 times a week. To date I've lost one pound of gobby, grody fat. Only 9 more to go. I tried to engage my dad in a friendly competition to see who could lose ten pounds first but to date he hasn't lost any lb's. I don't think he's trying that hard seeing as how a little birdie told me that he's been eating sausage biscuits for breakfast here and there.

My trip to the south was so much fun. It was so warm and I was so happy sitting on the back porch of my parents house in Mississippi throwing the tennis ball with their pup. It was just sooooo laid back and I enjoyed my 5 days their to the maximum. Plus I got to spend time with three of my good friends, Faris, Drew and Leigh. As usual I cried and cried when I left my family and friends, which I can't really explain because I'm not that sentimental. Maybe I was just crying because I knew serious dieting was waiting for me back in Seattle? Who knows.

On a funnier note, yesterday (Sunday) Aaron decided he wanted a canoe. So he bought one. I know. A canoe? To me just the word canoe is funny to say. Canoe. Canoe. I let him take the canoe out on a test run yesterday but today I decided to join him. Seriously y'all, canoeing is funny. I couldn't stop laughing whilst in the canoe. I think because the only reason I was in that damn canoe is because of how much I love Ron and I knew he wanted me to go. Oh, the things you do for love. Just think of me in a canoe decked out in and Prada sunglasses and you'll get a good laugh too.



Mom said...

Fun, fun, fun. Proud of you for canoeing. All that shopping he does with you deserves canoeing from you!! xo

Connor Family Blog said...

"Al"...haven't heard that one in awhile. Ha! We loved seeing you when you were in the South. It was nice to just sit and chill with you and Drew at Bren's wedding. I know it meant a lot to Brende that you came all that way! Love to my matey!!!

Anonymous said...