Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Say what?

Dear Blog,

The following two conversations were had in the Shurts household over the past week and a half or so.

Aaron: I'm going to see a man about a canoe.
Me: Have fun.
Two hours later
Aaron: I bought a canoe.
Alison: Okay. How much was it?
Aaron: Two hundred dollars. That's how much you spend on a pair of shoes. I got a CANOE.

Conversation number 2
Aaron: We need to go weed the front beds.
Alison: I don't see any weeds.
Aaron: See all these? (Pointing to some crazy overgrown weeds, that I honestly didn't know were weeds) These are weeds and need to be pulled.
Alison: Oh. I thought those were green, luscious pieces of goodness that added beauty to our front yard.

I find my relationship with my husband to be one that is extremely humorous and I've often thought that if Aaron and I were in a reality show, it would be crazy popular and then Aaron and I would be BIG and FAMOUS! It's funny how the dreams of being rich and famous don't go away as you get older when everyone in Hollywood is becoming much younger than you are. (Please tell me other people think about things like this? I also have a daydream where Spurgeon and I host a talk show that rivals Ellen and Oprah in popularity.)

A common thread among these reality tv shows is that many couples start out married and as the cameras follow, their relationship disintegrates. What's up with that? It's very disconcerting. Who doesn't remember Jessica asking Nick about Chicken of the Sea being chicken or tuna, and now all we hear about is who Jessica and Nick are dating. The Count and the Countess DeLessups are no longer together, what will the Countess do without her title? And last but not least, Jon and Kate Gosslin who have EIGHT children to think about when they're slinging mud at each via the media and their extended family. AND, apparently they had an open marriage. Gross.

All of this nonsensical daydreaming has led me to believe that I will never be on The Real Housewives of Seattle because I would never risk my marriage for 15 minutes of fame. And I would probably never be on The Real Housewives of Seattle because I am far from a millionairess, but hey I'm only 28. I have time. I'm still banking on my talk show with Spurgeon.



Drew said...

First of all, I would just like to say that I would buy a TiVo to be able to watch the Alison & Aaron reality show.

Second of all, I always wonder about the whole couple reality show. It does seem like every couple falls apart. Is it because they can't handle the stress of being on a reality show? Or do their producers just start rumors to get the ratings up? Or are they just typical of most American couples? Do people really act like that and you just don't see it because they're not on tv? How sad.

Third of all, you and Spurgeon hosting a talk show would be HILARE and I would use my new TiVo to record that too.

Can I please ride in your canoe when I come visit?

canspu said...

1. Gilleon is MAD that Kate (minus Jon and eight) has been on the cover of her US weeklies for the past three weeks.

2. I do think about reality tv - but then I think about all the stuff I say when people turn around - I'd need bodyguards. And the faces I make - it would be comedy, but I'd have like three friends and some of my family wouldn't talk to me anymore.

3. The talk show will happen. It's not reality - but it's still real!

4. You know - I'm not a fan of secrets and they're should be full disclosure - but I don't think a partner really needs to see and know everything. Especially at the same time as the rest of America. It's like - one little stank face that's seen around the world suddenly becomes this huge deal. Normally, the other wouldn't have seen it, but in the case of these "happy reality relationships" it becomes the embarrassment seen 'round the world. People are a little too prideful to live through that kind of trauma week after week. At least, I think so. (except for Speidi of course)

5. Did I mention that the talk show will happen?

6. Did Ron have to decide between you, Andy Samberg and T-pain when choosing his first canoe partner?

"Take a picture tr*ck. I'm on a boat b*tch!"

Anonymous said...

So what are you going to buy with YOUR boat money? And when will there be photos of you in said canoe?

Also, WTH is up with Kate's hair? It's just gotten progressively worse.

spullet said...

i like kate's forward mullet. not exactly milf - but stank mom i'd like to talk about people with potential fo sho.

Connor Family Blog said...

I'm sad about Jon and Kate.

Emily said...

Jon and Kate have an open marriage? Crazy! I love that show and have to admit I am on Kate's side, even though she is psycho controlling and has bad hair. :)

Juston said...

Where has this blog been all my life?! I found it by searching for "Real Housewives of Seattle"...haha! I'm Juston!

Anonymous said...