Thursday, November 29, 2007


Dear Blog,

Can't you just hear the refrain of Fergie's song, "we flyin' first classssssss, up in the sky. sippin' champagne...." I normally don't meet celebrities on a daily basis but yesterday I met a local Charlotte celeb and I snuggled up to him and now we are We are not only on a first name basis but are on a nickname basis. Yesss......! If any local Charlotteans can name what local celeb I am snuggled up to in this pic, you will get a super fresh Bella French prize tbd.

P.S. For my fashion conscience readers, that dress is winter white.


Thursday, November 22, 2007

Turkeys, Trees, Tigers, Roosters and Rednecks!

Dear Blog,

Man! With a title like that how could YOU NOT read this blog? Those five nouns above describe the past 4 days of my life chronologically and also using only the letters "t" and "r". Who went to Furman around here? Here's how it all went down. Thursday was Thanksgiving, duh, and I don't know about you but I'm tired of reading about how thankful we all should be and blah blah blah. I'm not going to say we shouldn't take this day and reflect about our blessings, I'm going to say it's a little sad that we have to use a day of 5,000 calories to realize that. I know, I know, bah humbug. All I'm saying is, everyone I know is blessed. So, realize it damnit. Myself included on this rant.

C'mon, you know you feel like this when you've spent all day eating and hanging out with the fam.

On Friday, I did NOT go shopping. Even me, the girl who would spend everyday shopping, did not want to hit the stores. I fear for my life on Black Friday. Instead we went and got our Christmas tree! Have I ever mentioned that I'm married to Clark Griswold? As I type, he is outside of our house pounding away on nails and stringing up glorious lights. I also think there are some snowflake apparati outside but I am afraid to look. Trust me, there will be pics, so stay tuned.

Oh no you didn't! Oh yes we did! We dressed up Bella like Santa Clause. We do it for the kids!

Saturday we went to the Carolina/Clemson football game. You know how Aaron and I love football so much and both of us obsess about our fave teams and have fantasy football players and we just can't get enough, we just can't get enough. Okay, that's a mild exaageration, but going to a football game a year is pretty fun. I don't know how people go to more than one a year and I especially don't know how my dad goes to like a billion a year. There's just sooooo many people and they're all drunk and raucous and rude but occasionally you will find a diamond in the rough! I met up with my internet BFF Crist, does that sound weird? It's not. I met her boyfriend and saw old highschool friend Jennifer and old college pal Andrew. It was fun but my football quota has been fullfilled until 2008.

Thanks Mom for the warm jacket with the sweet shoulder pads!

Oh and this is funny. Since it was like 25 degrees last night Aaron had on his University of Washington sweatshirt and you should have seen the glares he was getting from the tiger and rooster fans. So, finally one of the guys who was sitting around us asked,

" 'Ey man, what's up with 'at 'er sweatshirt?"

Aaron: "Um...well, it's a, uh, University of Washington sweatshirt."

"Yeah but, you ain't in Washington sunn. You in South Carolina and this here's a big game. This is blood right 'ere."

Aaron: "OH, that. Well, I got on the wrong plane and ended up in South Carolina. I'm supposed to be at the UW game right now."

"Well. YOU SHORE MESSED UP RIGHT CHERE sunn. I mean that's a MIS take. Do you know what a rivalry is? 'Cuz this is a RI-VAL-RY."

Aaron: "No, we don't have rivalry in Washington. Um, who's playing right now? I haven't been paying attention."

The redneck then proceeded to spit his tobacco out on Aaron. It was funny!!


Sunday, November 18, 2007

Happy Birthday Aaron!

Dear Blog,

Yesterday was Aaron's birthday! Happy Bday Ron! Since he was lucky and his birthday fell on a Saturday we decided to have a small get together to celebrate! It was a heck of a crazy night especially since Leigh and Kyle brought their 3 month old, Miles. We all got down like James Brown, or, you know, had fun.

Since I am such a great cook and even better planner, I decided that I would plan out the menu and I would do this totally by myself. Aaron could just sit back, relax and enjoy the evening of friends celebrating his birth. Well, as luck would have it, Molly loves to cook! So, as soon as I stepped up to the kitchen to get down and dirty with our meal, Molly pretty much took my duty away from me (oh darn!) and I ended up chopping and measuring as she actually cooked. Probably because I looked like this.

And she looks like this. A total natural.

I love our friends and we all had a great time. The meal ended up fantastically and Aaron and I sat at the head of our dining room table, solidifying our entrance into 'adult world'.
We did have a tearful moment though during the party. No, it wasn't Aaron crying because he's as old as I am now. As I'm talking about my boy, Eddie Vedder, all of a sudden I hear, "I've met him."

EXCUSE? I literally scream and drop my fork. Our friend Julie whom I've known for over a year now has been holding out on me??? Yes. She has met Eddie Vedder. I am so overcome with emotion that I start crying. At the dinner table. With 6 of our friends sitting about. I couldn't talk and kind of started sputtering, laughing, crying. Aaron simply says, "Eddie Vedder is kind of her hero." I gather myself together but now kind of have a little bit of hate towards Julie. I kid. Not really.

Thanks to Crist for the awesome recipe! Everyone loved it and thanks to Kyle for the pics. Your camera is the

Happy birthday Husband! I love you,

Monday, November 12, 2007

Into the Wiiiiiillllldddd...Grrrrrr...

Dear Blog,

Here we go again with another blogvertorial. Aaron and I like to keep the romance alive after our five (almost six!) months of being married by having date night. We have date night A LOT because we don't have that many friends to hang out with...or to keep the romance alive, whatev. Friday night we enjoyed a fine dinner at Cantina 1511, goat cheese, mushroom and spinach quesadillas make for a lively meal!, and then headed to our local theater to see the movie 'Into the Wild.' Now, before I begin my discourse about the movie I will start by saying how I learned of the movie. And if you know me, this will not surprise! Eddie Vedder did the whole soundtrack, say whaaaaaaaat? I know right, how did he know my birthday was coming up? Thanks for that Ed! So, being the Eddie Vedder/Pearl Jam stalker/fan that I am, I had to go out and buy the soundtrack, which really consisted of me sitting my behind on the couch and downloading it from iTunes and no wonder Americans are fat, but I digress.
The soundtrack is really good and I highly recommend it. So, naturally after I memorized the soundtrack, I wanted to see the movie and so begins our date night. Now, I would watch a movie that Eddie did the soundtrack for even if all of the movie consisted of was a donkey pooping in a field, but LUCKY FOR US the movie was a lot more interesting than that.

Some of you may have read the book that came out circa 1996 about a young Chris McCandless who gives up all worldly pleasures and headed off, well, Into the Wild. He comes from a well-off family that is full of dysfunction and decides to screw it all and head out of the heart of Alaska. He meets some interesting characters along the way and touches the lives of many. It is a great movie that is only made greater by Eddie Vedders greatness.

I give 4 thumbs up, cause I'm counting Aaron's thumbs as well.


Thursday, November 8, 2007

27 or 1/3 of the way to 81

Dear Blog,

So, the other night I totally blogged about how I was getting old and I was depressed because I had done nothing with my life and then I was like, SHUT UP ALISON, no one wants to hear that crap. Thus, I deleted that crap of a blog. But, if you got to read it, then that is MY birthday present to YOU. Say whaaat? I know, so giving of me.

So, yay! I'm 27 and while if I think about it too hard I might get sad and depressed that I'm selling ads for a magazine and that's it but I just don't think about it. I think about all the positives in life. Maybe if I write myself a list of all the fun things I do that make my life worthwhile, I will not get depressed. Here goes.
1. I make coffee in the morning while Aaron is sleeping because he doesn't have to be work until like 1 and he makes me so angry sometimes I want to scream and he gets thursdays off and he makes more money than I do. What to the ev. Whoops, that wasn't very positive.

2. I have a lot of awesome friends all over the US including my friend Kate who is younger than me and is an associate designer at Ralph Lauren in NY. Awesome. Go Kate! ( I sell ads...go me!)

3. I write this blog that makes people laugh!

4. I have a funny dog who wears bee costumes and lets me cut her hair into a mohawk.

5. I have short hair.

Maybe I need to work on my list a little bit. This is kind of sad.

Oh well, here is a picture of Aaron and me back in the days of yore when we were only 25. We were celebrating our 25th birfday. I love it.


p.s. I really do like my job.