Thursday, November 22, 2007

Turkeys, Trees, Tigers, Roosters and Rednecks!

Dear Blog,

Man! With a title like that how could YOU NOT read this blog? Those five nouns above describe the past 4 days of my life chronologically and also using only the letters "t" and "r". Who went to Furman around here? Here's how it all went down. Thursday was Thanksgiving, duh, and I don't know about you but I'm tired of reading about how thankful we all should be and blah blah blah. I'm not going to say we shouldn't take this day and reflect about our blessings, I'm going to say it's a little sad that we have to use a day of 5,000 calories to realize that. I know, I know, bah humbug. All I'm saying is, everyone I know is blessed. So, realize it damnit. Myself included on this rant.

C'mon, you know you feel like this when you've spent all day eating and hanging out with the fam.

On Friday, I did NOT go shopping. Even me, the girl who would spend everyday shopping, did not want to hit the stores. I fear for my life on Black Friday. Instead we went and got our Christmas tree! Have I ever mentioned that I'm married to Clark Griswold? As I type, he is outside of our house pounding away on nails and stringing up glorious lights. I also think there are some snowflake apparati outside but I am afraid to look. Trust me, there will be pics, so stay tuned.

Oh no you didn't! Oh yes we did! We dressed up Bella like Santa Clause. We do it for the kids!

Saturday we went to the Carolina/Clemson football game. You know how Aaron and I love football so much and both of us obsess about our fave teams and have fantasy football players and we just can't get enough, we just can't get enough. Okay, that's a mild exaageration, but going to a football game a year is pretty fun. I don't know how people go to more than one a year and I especially don't know how my dad goes to like a billion a year. There's just sooooo many people and they're all drunk and raucous and rude but occasionally you will find a diamond in the rough! I met up with my internet BFF Crist, does that sound weird? It's not. I met her boyfriend and saw old highschool friend Jennifer and old college pal Andrew. It was fun but my football quota has been fullfilled until 2008.

Thanks Mom for the warm jacket with the sweet shoulder pads!

Oh and this is funny. Since it was like 25 degrees last night Aaron had on his University of Washington sweatshirt and you should have seen the glares he was getting from the tiger and rooster fans. So, finally one of the guys who was sitting around us asked,

" 'Ey man, what's up with 'at 'er sweatshirt?"

Aaron: "Um...well, it's a, uh, University of Washington sweatshirt."

"Yeah but, you ain't in Washington sunn. You in South Carolina and this here's a big game. This is blood right 'ere."

Aaron: "OH, that. Well, I got on the wrong plane and ended up in South Carolina. I'm supposed to be at the UW game right now."

"Well. YOU SHORE MESSED UP RIGHT CHERE sunn. I mean that's a MIS take. Do you know what a rivalry is? 'Cuz this is a RI-VAL-RY."

Aaron: "No, we don't have rivalry in Washington. Um, who's playing right now? I haven't been paying attention."

The redneck then proceeded to spit his tobacco out on Aaron. It was funny!!



*jcg said...

gotta love the clemson/carolina game.
and from someone who has attended not one but NINE games (including 3 away ones) HOORAY FOR THE END OF THIS SEASON!

neighbor said...

oh man. how do ya'll think up this stuff?? absolutely hilarious!
can't wait to see the yard...i did see some really bright lights through the trees...

Tony Ritz said...

Notice how I'm absolutely refraining from cracking wise about Bella and Aaron. Yep, nothing to say nor joke about with Aaron hovering over a dog like that. My what style your doggie has with the Santa gear and the football story was hilarious. Aaron I'm sorry you got spat upon.

meagan said...

alison, your blog makes my work life merrier.

prof said...


Leave it to you to turn an innocent photo with the family pet into a perverted and very twisted situation. I was merely posing with my little dog Bella who loves me very much. I hope you can one day feel the love from man's best friend and may God have mercy on your soul.


Sneaky Blog Commenter said...

Ok I'm back! Here are my comments from all the blogs I've missed.

1. LOVE the dark hair!

2. The theme of every Halloween party this year was "College Ho's in Skimpy Clothes." I had a similar experience. Who let the kids into the grown-up parties? Some of them brought multiple slutty outfits to refresh throughout the night. Travesty.

3. Happy Birthday Alison!

4. Into the Wild - on my "To Watch" List

5. Happy Birthday Aaron!

6. Go Tigers!! And Aaron, that pic is way too easy. Touche, Tony Ritz, touche.

prof said...


maybe you and tony should think about shackin up.

then i could make perverted jokes about both of you together.

think about it.

Tony Ritz said...

Prof, you know I've got nothin' but love for you! It's just that I get so jealous of your situation, what with the wife and the puppy dog.

prof said...

ummm you forgot to mention my wonderful charm and debonair...

Anonymous said...