Sunday, November 18, 2007

Happy Birthday Aaron!

Dear Blog,

Yesterday was Aaron's birthday! Happy Bday Ron! Since he was lucky and his birthday fell on a Saturday we decided to have a small get together to celebrate! It was a heck of a crazy night especially since Leigh and Kyle brought their 3 month old, Miles. We all got down like James Brown, or, you know, had fun.

Since I am such a great cook and even better planner, I decided that I would plan out the menu and I would do this totally by myself. Aaron could just sit back, relax and enjoy the evening of friends celebrating his birth. Well, as luck would have it, Molly loves to cook! So, as soon as I stepped up to the kitchen to get down and dirty with our meal, Molly pretty much took my duty away from me (oh darn!) and I ended up chopping and measuring as she actually cooked. Probably because I looked like this.

And she looks like this. A total natural.

I love our friends and we all had a great time. The meal ended up fantastically and Aaron and I sat at the head of our dining room table, solidifying our entrance into 'adult world'.
We did have a tearful moment though during the party. No, it wasn't Aaron crying because he's as old as I am now. As I'm talking about my boy, Eddie Vedder, all of a sudden I hear, "I've met him."

EXCUSE? I literally scream and drop my fork. Our friend Julie whom I've known for over a year now has been holding out on me??? Yes. She has met Eddie Vedder. I am so overcome with emotion that I start crying. At the dinner table. With 6 of our friends sitting about. I couldn't talk and kind of started sputtering, laughing, crying. Aaron simply says, "Eddie Vedder is kind of her hero." I gather myself together but now kind of have a little bit of hate towards Julie. I kid. Not really.

Thanks to Crist for the awesome recipe! Everyone loved it and thanks to Kyle for the pics. Your camera is the

Happy birthday Husband! I love you,