Saturday, April 18, 2009


Dear Blog,

You may have heard of the latest internet phenomenon sweeping the nation; Twitter. If not, let me enlighten you. You get 140 characters (a character includes a letter AND a space) to tell the world what you are doing at any given point in time. Last year Crist was hounding me for months and months to join Twitter because she thought it would be a good way for me to keep up with my peeps back home when I moved to Seattle. At first, I was all "What in the sam hill is Twitter? I already joined the facebooks, isn't that enough?" But, I finally gave in, like I always do. I also decided that Twitter is kind of fun! It's one of those that takes a while. The interface isn't that user friendly so you kind of have to play around with it and then find some friends and then start tweeting away. Sadly, I only have about 12 people on Twitter who care enough to follow my updates. If you are on Twitter, come follow me at Bellafrench! It's always a party over there! My ego is hurting with only 12 peeps. Ron has more twitter friends than I do and we can't have that!

Since I'm on twitter and I have a blog and a facebook account and I read other people's blogs, everyone I know out here in Seattle of all places think I'm all hooked up in technology. Seriously. Let's all have a good laugh about that one. I have had several people call me in the past couple of days to ask me an internet question because somehow or another I've earned the reputation as being well versed in all things internet. Hi-lario.

But, I do read blogs that are good and relatively short. I can't be reading like 19 paragraphs, I'm usually done after about 300 words. I digress. One of the blogs I read, like every other woman in the entire galaxy reads is Dooce. If you haven't heard of Dooce, here's a brief bio. She was a graphic designer in L.A, she started a blog, she talked shit about the people she worked with, she got found out, she got fired, she kept blogging, she became famous, she had a baby, she had post partum depression, she entered a mental hospital for a couple of weeks, she got even more famous, she kept blogging, her husband quit his job, she kept blogging, she started taking anti depression meds, she kept blogging, she's happy now, they make enough money to live off of her blog, she wrote a book. So basically, her blog makes her famous. I am so jealous. I wish this blog made me a penny. And no, I'm not putting those ridiculous google ads on my blog. Gag. Anyway, back to Dooce. So she wrote a book and like most authors she went on a book tour. And, she came to Seattle!! To a bookstore only two miles away from my house! I was so pumped!! I dragged Aaron with me to go meet Dooce and listen to her read some excerpts from her new book, we had a grand time. She's as hilarious and honest and self deprecating in person as she comes across in her blog. She also has quite the southern accent even though she has lived in Utah for a long time. And you know Aaron took a picture of me with Dooce, and you also know that I couldn't just smile like a normal person. I was all up in her grill.

I think I got a little too close for comfort. Her bodyguards started creeping closer and closer to her as I was posing for the picture. I was all, "Whatever, I got my bodyguard here too and his name is Ron." As soon as the picture was taken we were politely asked to leave the premises.

Anyway, the moral of the story is I love the internet.



*jcg said...

and now we tweet each other almost every day. aren't you glad i got you on there before it was the hip thing to do? we are so fashion-forward.

Anonymous said...

LOVE that you met Heather Armstrong! so jeal.

BellaFrench said...

I love it too! I was so pumped all day.

Emily said...

I started a blog just because I saw she makes $40K a month on Oprah!! I just sold out and added the ads to mine...figure I gotta start somewhere. ha :)

Prof said...

Emily have you made any money?

Crazy Mother of 2 said...

I think she kinda looks like Crist!

Did you really get asked to leave??

Anonymous said...