Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Gimme a break

Dear Blog,

Sometimes it just feels good to break up the routine, to shake it up a little bit and throw things in the air and see where they land. I feel like January, February and March are three of the hardest months of the year. There's a little blip of fun on the radar with Valentine's Day but if you don't have a fabulous partner who gets you a cheeseburger, Raisinettes and watches "He's just not that into You" on this loviest of lovey days, then that holiday is prolly not that great, am I right or am I right? Lately, in typical Aaron and Alison fashion we were craving to break up our routine. We just needed to go. Somewhere. We needed to get out of town and have no plans, drink too much and eat too much and spend a little money. Well, we didn't NEED to spend any money but that is a frequent craving of mine, much to Ron's chagrin.

Since Aaron is the only 28 year old I know who still gets a spring break we thought that would be a great time to take a mini vacay. Since Aaron is a hound dog in human form, he was all over the innernets sniffing out the best deals. (As I write this, he is searching for tickets for our "mini-moon", i.e two year anniversary trip) Since Aaron is an incessant, deal searching, hound dog in human form we got down to 5 days before "GO TIME" with still no plans in sight. I was getting a little clammy in the hands because I had taken myself off the schedule for Friday and Saturday and I was afraid it was Aaron's grand master plan to have me do house chores like painting and potting plants and pretend we were on vacay by putting umbrellas in fruity drinks for me. I was getting nightmares about petunias and azaleas and reminding Aaron that we needed to book tickets like asap. Feeling the pressure from a naggy wife Aaron found us tickets to NYC for a Thursday night to Monday, perfect!!

There's something about New York that's so exciting. It's not the grimy subway, the dirty streets, the crazy horn honking but the energy of the city is contagious. I feel like I can shop all day and stay up all night drinking wine with my friends who I only get to see once or twice a year and be perfectly content. Whereas, I am fatigued by even thought of Vegas, where you are supposed to stay up all night, no thanks.
All of this is to say that I had a great time in NYC with our fave peeps, P, K, S & G*. In my perfect world all of our friends would live in the same city and life would be grand.

*Only initials are given to protect the innocent



Connor Family Blog said...

Well said, you make NYC sound as magical as I think it is too. I haven't been but a few times though. Glad y'all had fun! Keep us posted for the 2 year anniversary trip!

spu spu lemon said...

ROOMIE!!!!! COME BACK!!!!!! i tried to do some yoga and ended up just layin' down for 10 minutes... even my muscles are having separation anxieties.

Mom said...

Are you sporting a plastic bag on your head like Julia did at the Table Rock picnic? Don't you do your hair more than once a week?

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