Monday, August 3, 2009

What's love got to do with it?

Dear Blog,

I generally keep my fingers and toes manicured and pedicured as a rule because who wants to see gnarly fingers when they're being rung up by moi? Plus it's summer time so the only time I wear non sandals is when I'm working out. My father taught me at a young age that feet have the tendency to be very ugly so I have always taken good care of mine. Dad is also quite the extremist, he thinks that sandals should be outlawed. He dislikes feet that much. All of this to say I got a mani/pedi this morning and I decided to go french mani/pedi because I thought maybe I would like it. The verdict is still out. I used to like it. Then I thought it looked trashy. So I tested the waters to see if I liked it again and I'm not sure. What do you think blog readers? Is french mani/pedi in or out? Also, is it just Seattle or is the economy stabilizing? There were A TON of women in the nail place this morning. Usually it's just me and my nail lady watching Vietnamese soap operas.

A good friend of mine is going through a rocky spot in her marriage and is looking for comfort outside of her home...if you know what I mean. (I will be waiting for the flood of emails in my inbox asking who it is from a certain few bellafrench readers...suffice it so say you don't know her but go ahead and email me anyway! I love email!) I cannot, cannot, cannot explain how sad I feel by this whole situation. Generally, I'm not sympathetic or empathetic. Life is filled with facts and truths and non-truths, I make all decisions based on these. I'm not touchy feely, I don't make emotional decisions, I tell people the truth regardless of what they want to hear and expect the same in return. I sound like such a joy don't I?

However, when it comes to what might be a dissolved marriage I just want my friend to fight for what she said she would fight for when she said her vows. I don't think marriage is something that can be tossed to the side when something or someone comes along. This whole situation has made me examine my relationship with Aaron. The thought of something or someone coming in between us almost bring tears to my eyes and makes me want to hurl at the same time. And that is what I'm feeling for my friend.

That's all for tonight friends! Don't forget to comment about the aforementioned french mani/pedi query. It is quite pressing.



Anonymous said...

The verdict is out for me on the french pedicure too... I used to love them, kind of hated them for awhile, and now D-Bra is a convert so I tried it last month. Eh not feelin' it, mainly because I love to look down and see a pop of color.

Kate said...

I have no real basis for this distinction, but while I'm all for the french mani (on real nails - not anything fake), I think the french pedi starts to cross the line. It's like a frech pedi is just trying too hard. Or something like that. Of course, if someone wanted to pay for me to get a french mani/pedi once a week, I'd gladly accept. So I guess my feelings aren't too strong one way or the other. How's that for a non-answer?

Emily said...

I can't stand french pedi's but think they can make a good mani, but have been a big fan of the pale pink or neutrals lately that just add a touch of color on your fingers.

spudicure said...

i LOVE french pedicures - It reminds me of a story I once heard about two dear friends Tequisha from the hood and Sallie Mae from the trailer park. Both of these aforementioned girls were so excited about their first trip to the big city of Florence (south carolina - not italy) that when they saw them there Chinese women (not actually chinese but of asian descent) painting on fancy colors on finger and toenails they decided they wanted the classiest thing ever (after exhausting the entire towns tube-top supply, of course). French nails from gaaayyyy PAAAAARRRREEEEE were prescribed (cuz no matter where you're from - you love the queens.) Well, after their fingers were done and to the dismay of the little Chinese lady (again - she was not actually chinese - but to these two hoodrats, they all look alike) they decided they wanted the best for their toes too. How else could they accentuate their new gold nameplate ankle bracelets. And so - the french pedi was born. AAAAAHHHHHH. THE END.

M said...

I am opposed to length on toenails and dont like any white showing on the nail - gives me the heebie jeebies. Therefore french pedicures really don't do it for me. They also seem a little trashy - case in point: I saw a Bridezillas last week where the bride was in a tizzy bc they had trimmed a little bit of the quarter to half inch of white on her toenails while giving her a french pedicure - I almost yakked.

Anonymous said...