Saturday, July 25, 2009

Too much information?

Dear Blog,

Last night I did a "software update" on my laptop because Aaron told me I needed to do these ever so often (is that a southern phrase?) in order to make my computer run faster and not slow as shit. After 4 years of having this laptop, last night I finally remembered to do it! I'm still working on not saving documents on the desktop. One step at a time people. Is it just me? I always ignore those updates because you have to do the update and then restart your computer and for a person who likes instant gratification, this does not work. Reason #121934875 I need a secretary. Gah.

So, back to the point. One of the software updates was installing the latest version of Safari. I use Safari because I hear Aaron cursing at Internet Explorer all the time. Apparently graphic designers have a hard time getting IE to use the layout that they code. Therefore, internet explorer is so 2000 and late. As is that phrase.

One of the new features of the new Safari is showing you your most frequented web sites. I lol'ed when I saw mine. It further substantiated that I am not that deep. So here they are!!

1. My work email. I gotta make sure everyone is doing their job.
2. Facebook. Cause I'm nosy, fools.
3. Perez Hilton. I'm a little embarrassed by this one.
5. My work's intranet.
6. Gmail. Will someone besides Barney's and All Recipes send me an email?
7. Go Fug Yourself. Because fugly is the new pretty.
8. Twitter. Even though I'm over it.
9. Bank of America. How much money can I spend today?
10. Mate's blog. Since she never calls me back this is the only way I can keep in touch with her. Hint, hint.
11. Dport7. I heart the robots.

If you have a blog and it's not one of my most visited then maybe you should update it more often. I'm just sayin'.



Kate said...

Hahahahaaaa...I hate those stupid updates too, and it drives Russ crazy b/c he says every time he borrows my laptop, I have like 37 of them waiting for me. P.S. You should use Google Reader, then you don't have to check individuals blogs!

Connor Family Blog said...

MATE!!!!! I always call you back...but then we start phone tag!!! I totally got called out!!!

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