Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The day I have been waiting for!!!

Dear Blog,

Alright, first things first, that girl in the bubble is NOT me. I wish it was because her legs are the fierceness and I would like for mine to trim down a little bit but I'm not complaining about what I've got. But seriously, doesn't that girl look like me? The hair and everything, Aaron found that pic on the internet while he was searching for God knows what but whatever, I like it and it made for good blog fodder.

So. Before I delve into the topic of tonight's blog let me give you a little background on me and my family. We all border on being OBSESSED with things. Par example, my mom and dad will only drive Volvo's. My dad CLAIMS he'll get a Hybrid one day soon but I don't believe it. He likes that Swedish engineering too much and I can't say I blame him, cause I like what I like too. My parents don't really like any Republicans (if you're a Republican reading this blog and you're like, "Hey, Al's parents are nice to me, what's up with that?" Well they might just tolerate you but they disagree with your core values and really, that's no good.) I'm obsessed with yoga right now, Eddie Vedder will always be a demi-god and I would do anything short of dancing on a pole for a lifetime supply of Christian Louboutin's. And, to be COMPLETELY honest, I might even dance on a pole. It might be kind of fun. Who knows?

So, let us rewind back to 1987 and guess what I was obsessed with then? NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK. I was the uber-fan. I went to Claire's on the daily to get those over sized buttons that I could pin on my back pack and I practiced writing out "Alison McIntyre" in the margins of my college ruled notebook paper. (I was so advanced in the 3rd grade I could totally use the college ruled instead of wide ruled.) I would say little prayers to God that sounded a little something like this,

"Dear God, hey what's up? You know God, I'm kind of a nerd down here with these big glasses and I'm kind of chunky. You know what would be so cool? Is if I met Joey McIntyre!!! Can you please make that happen? I'm really good in Sunday School and I'm already eagerly anticipating being an acolyte, I can't wait to light those candles. Okay, good night. Oh yeah, bless my mom, dad and annoying Michael too. Amen."

Needless to say, I went to two NKOTB concerts and never met my Joey. And then I grew up and so did the fab five and then they broke up and blah blah blah.

Well. What I had heard was, they are making a comeback and getting the band back together!!!! YESSSSSSS!!!!!! If they come anywhere near Charlotte, then I am there. Seriously, can't wait. Check out the link and tell me what you think. click here

In the meantime, enjoy this little ditty I found on youtube and yes, I remembered all the words and emphatically sang along.



*jcg said...

daaaaaaaaamn i was totally going to blog about this but you beat me to it!

i loved jordan, and we were obviously meant to be together considering our names are the same. duh.

bailie said...

I'm so excited about this!! What you ask? No, not the NKOTB reunion, but the new blog! YAY!

"On the real", I did love NKOTB just as much as the next little girl in a side pony, so if they do a show here, I will go with you and we can wear big over-sized white screenprinted tee-shirts and sing our little hearts out! I also love your blog more than any others I've read!!!

I'm sad to hear your parents (even though we haven't met) think my morals are in the trash though... but that's okay. We can disagree and still be friends, eh? Celebrate diversity! haha. I'm a libertarian at heart and I would be scared to meet them because they may make them think I'm the devil's spawn!

moo said...

I saw the best bumper sticker today "W orst president ever" chuckle chuckle to self!

Drew said...

shut up!!!!! OMG I am like, so there.

Anonymous said...

im a communist.

meagan said...

i totally had the giant buttons. and the trading cards. and every issue of people they were in. and maybe even a sleeping bag...

Chris E. said...

There are a ton of good reunion shows coming down the pipes starting this summer. Personally I'd love it if Rush came back to Charlotte!

Anonymous said...