Sunday, January 27, 2008


Dear Blog,

Have I told you about my 15 minutes of fame? I did an ad for World AIDS Day and it's hittin' the internet.

Denmark people get the word out. The objective of this air bubble is to make society think about the prejudice toward people affected with AIDS and social isolation being one of the worst effects of getting this contagious disease.

Someone hire me again, this was fun!



Kate said...

Um, where did this go down??? I just showed Russ and he thinks you were in Denmark...? Huh?

Cute boots, btw.

neighbor said...

you lie!

omg that so totally looks like you though!

Anonymous said...

hater is confused

Drew said...

is it not you? it looks like you. Did Aaron do that?

spu'stopmodel said...

why so slouchy - you know how miss j feels about no-neck-monsters

prof said...

I need a danish.

BUSTED said...

okay, okay, that was totally NOT me but it really looks like me I think!!! i mean, her legs are a little bit trimmer than mine but that is some big inspiration for me to do some more warrior one's in yoga.

Anonymous said...