Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Dear Blog,

I'm literally so excited to be sitting down writing this post that my heart is racing with glee. You think I'm kidding but I'm not! It's not that I have anything terribly exciting, insightful or witty to write about but I'm addicted to my blog like Goldie Hawn is addicted to lip injections! So, I'm back from like what? A week and a half of absence? What to the EV that will never happen again. (I hope.)

Where did we leave off? Oh yeah, I left the rag for the yoga studio and now have a Vespa. First off, I love my new job!!!!!!!!!!! I really, really, really, really love it. I am not micro managed at all, people expect me to do a good job and I do a good job and then I go home. The days fly by and I think that's a sign that I like my job? I'm not constantly looking at the clock and wondering when I'm gonna get my next b*tch ass email from you-know-who and thinking I need a drink, instead I'm like WHAT?!? it's 5:00, I need to change into my yoga clothes and get a spot for yoga, where's my wheat grass shot? Everyone I work with is the bomb and I hope they think I'm the bomb but it's too early to tell. I know Jaimi thinks I'm great but that doesn't count because I knew her before. Shoot.

So, after we got the Vespa, Aaron and I did a lot of scooter riding to get me more comfortable on it so I could drive it to work and decrease my footprint on planet Earth. Well, at first I sucked hardcore but now I think I've got a handle on it. I drove it to work yesterday and I've decided it was my mission in life to ride a Vespa. Everyone loves Vespas! Me being extremely self centered and self loving, translate that into; "Everyone loves ME!" I get tons of smiles and waves and honks everywhere I go. And before you get all smarty pants and think "they're honking at you to move out of the way dumbass", NO, they're not. They're honking at me to get my attention and mouth "I love your Vespa!" which I then translate into "I love YOU on your Vespa" and it makes our day that much better. I'm bringing JOY into the lives of others.

This past weekend I went to Kiawah with internet bff and friends. Just to clarify, Internet bff and I went to the same elementary, middle and highschool together, while we were friends we were decidedly not bff and I don't know if we ever had a telephone convo during that time period and that is really telling of a friendship because adolescense is all about talking on the phone. We reunited about a year ago over facebook and somehow or another bonded and have now each earned the title Internet Bff. Isn't it lovely how things work out? She is a wonderful friend and I had a GREAT time at her beautiful house at the beach. (I would love to go back...is that subtle?) Not to diminish the others that were there, I enjoyed hanging out with you all and hope to do it again. Thanks for the laughs and laid back, chillaxed time. Shout out to Cheri who reminded me of the times we would go to Eau Claire highschool for basketball games and have to get down really low on the bus because we were being rocked by overzealous ghetto Eau Claire fans! Literally, a great laugh and so indicative of my high school experience.

Lastly, I succumbed to fugliness and bought a pair of Uggs. My bff's Jaimi and Sarrin have a pair and they just seem so easy to wear to scoot around in and since I'm scooting around A LOT these days, I bought some. I don't think they're cute but they're easy to put on and they're warm and supposedly they keep your feet dry.

Whew, I'm feeling so much better after writing this...I must do it again soon.


neighbor said...

yay! welcome back!
you bought some ughs?! i have to say that on my trip i was REALLY wanting some.
i need to see you on your scoot-scoot again!

Anonymous said...

boo uggs
yay internet bff and kiawah

Mate said...

Yay Mate! I got to catch up on your life since I can't get you to email or call back. It's okay mate, that's how we roll. Any old how, I'm so glad you like your job and I want to ride the Vespa. Who cares if I'm pregnant!

BellaFrench said...

dang mate, why you gotta hate on such a public forum? no vespa riding until after baby mate is born :)

Cheri said...

Al~ It was so fun catching up with you! Talked with Cassie and Ambular about how funny you are last night at dinner. Hope to see you again soon. xoxoxo

spuggs said...

you could have gotten these:

I mean, they're kinda ugly as well, but they're uber snotty and east coast chic

oh well. glad to you're back! i have been on the website everyday, but I didn't want to pressure you into a new entry...i wanted the experience to be organic.

BellaFrench said...

hahahah, spuggs those shoes are even fuglier than my fuggs! i think i would look a little too hardcare in those boots.

so...why were you perusing LLBean anyway? wasn't that like so 7th grade when everyone wore waffle shirts and stuff?

spouture said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! llbeano is great for waspy type boots and slippers. put those same boots on a black man and they are a lot less Cape Cod and a lot more Kanye West. (and we all know he started dressing like me when he got famous...)

enjoy your fuggs though! I hear they're comfortable, and they're really popular with the 12 to 18y/o crowd, so you should totally, like, get complimented on them and stuff. like, a lot.

BellaFrench said...

It really bothers me that Kanye totally copped your style. Seriously, it does. Can you copyright that shit?

Anonymous said...