Wednesday, June 25, 2008

What a long strange trip it's been, and this is just the beginning.

Dear Blog,

Hello? Are you still there? Do I have any readers left? Man, it's been a crazy June. Let's see in the past month, I thought I might be pregnant and totally freaked out about how that is not in my plan right now. I mean, have you seen the pictures of me holding a baby?? I need more practice! After getting used to the fact that I could possibly be pregnant I then decided that I was gonna rock pregnancy like no other and be like Gwen Stefani up in the hizzzz-ouse and started to name my imaginary baby. Then my period came and I celebrated that I wasn't pregnant by getting kinda drunk. (Sorry Mom and Dad I know you don't like your little girl drinking so just erase that from your memory bank.) Anyway, back to June. So we have continued our whirl wind month by doing a lot of traveling. Aaron was in Seattle at the beginning of the month and has documented his eating his way through the city on his site, check it. Then we were off to New York to hang out with my parents and our bff's Spurgeon, Gilleon and Kate. Of course New York is always fun and it was way fun this time because my parents were there! Dad, Aaron and Spurge were great sports while Mom, Kate and myself managed to do a little shopping and visit some tourist attractions. After we got back from New York, Spurge and Gils decided they missed us way too much and came down and spent a couple days with us. We had a super FUN drink n' dive party in their honor. That's right, we pulled out the slip 'n slide from last year and invited over a dozen or so of our besties and had fun rollin' down the slide. I even did it!!! Somewhere out there I know there are pics but I'll have to track them down before adding them to the site.
As soon as we kicked those two out we were off to Cincinatti for a family wedding! Can you imagine Alison, Aaron and Bella in a Toyota Corolla from 10 hours???? It was not a pretty site. We had to rent a car because we sold mine, YES!!!!!!, and we ain't trying to ride up there in a Jeep. In my mind Jeeps are about as comfortable as a dang horse and buggy. I'm just sayin'. Cincinatti was grand. As soon as we got back from Cincy, I was jet setting off to Seattle for an overnight trip. Needless to say, I'm pretty tired and am glad to be home for a little while. My mom has asked me was I ever going to blog again and lately my brain has been so filled with details of real life that I haven't made room for creativity. I know I have let you down blog world. I'm scared to look at my statcounter because I don't want to see how few people are checking my blog.

Hopefully something exciting will happen soon, like I'll wreck my Vespa again or something and that will drive my membership back up!!

That's all for tonight ho's and bro's.


Moomie said...

Yay, world traveler! Glad you are home for a day or two!

spupportive friend said...

boo - if you have not realized this already...let me shed some light. You don't have to have something interesting happen. Your "spin" on reality is totally, just keep spinnin' beeeeee!!!!!!!!!!

hater said...

Whoa! TMI!!

Cara Gracie said...

Heard from Bailie that yall are moving to wonderful Seattle! So awesome to hear, you spoke about how much you loved it there even when you were with skirt!. I have a very close friend in Seattle if you are interested in meeting up, let me know! Wish you all the best and remember that all things happen for a reason.

- Cara :)

Anonymous said...