Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Teach me!!!

Dear Blog,

I've often said that I should teach a class on how to interview. It's a skill. There are things to do and things not to do, things to say and things not to say. Whenever I'm applying to jobs I know as soon as I get the interview that I'm golden, I've just got it down. Don't know why but I can market myself like a champ. Now, what I canNOT do is shine in a group environment. This is where I need the teaching. I'm sure we've all been there. You have to go to a corporate dinner and the president of the company is there, or some bigwig that everyone is trying to impress and so you're on your best behavior right? Well, for me, I'm always on my best behavior but I'm really not going above and beyond to impress the big wig because I'm not going to be fake and sometimes that is a skill I wish I had. You have no idea. I can't be that person that hangs on to their every word or laughs at their jokes. I'm sure that sometimes I've come across as a bored, self righteous beeotch but really in my brain I'm dissecting the persons behavior who is engaging the big wig and wondering if that is a learned skill and if so, can I learn? Because surely that person will be remembered and I will be remembered as the girl who was clearly more interested in her sushi order that contrived conversation. Thoughts?

Anywhoodle, Aaron and Bella came to visit me in Vancouver for my last weekend here. This is my 4th week in Vancouver!! Crazy how time goes by. We had a grand time, ate a lot of food, did a lot of walking, went to some parks, had fun with my crazy roomie Christie. Oh, we took Bella to the Pacific Ocean!! We took some great pics.

Anyway, wish all of you were here!