Sunday, October 12, 2008

It's a done deal folks

Dear Blog,
In these trying economic times, it is possible to buy a home! Not to pat myself on the back or anything, but me being in the mortgage business did help the process if I do say so myself. The whole mortgage process was seamless, even in the face of a crumbling financial system. I think we got in our house at exactly the right time because we locked in our interest rate at 5.625% ! And it's a fixed rate! I'm in love with that rate, it's amazing how much a difference an interest rate can make in a payment. Man, I just re-read this post and it is like so boring.

Anyway, on Friday we signed all of the closing docs and I thought there would be a couple of papers to sign but no, there were like a million. I snapped some pics of the two of us in the escrow woman's office, who was kind of weird by the way, but whatevs she was nice. That whole process was rather tedious. There's so many papers in there that I didn't read, one could have said something about them taking away our house if they didn't like the way we decorated it and I wouldn't have known. I was a signing machine. Aaron on the other hand was inspecting every document thoroughly, thus making our visit with the weird closing lady longer. I guess it's the professor in him. But, now thinking about it, I'm glad someone read the documents. I'm also glad it wasn't me because seriously, booooooring.

Aaron just posted the lovely video I made of the house on his blog, urban cowboy So you can check that there if you so choose.

In other news, my store opens in two weeks!!! I saw it the other day and boy is it bright! They let yours truly pick out the paint colors and I'll let you decide for yourself if you like them or not. I'll be in there this Friday to start unpacking the shipments. I'll snap some pics. I'm also going back to the Vancoov this Tuesday-Thursday for a managers conference and am excited because I get to see all my peeps from Groove Camp back in July/Aug.
If you're paying attention to the chronology of said events you will notice that I have gotten myself out of moving into our new house! God is on my side!