Sunday, October 5, 2008

House, here we come!

Dear Blog,
Well I've been hiding from the subject long enough in fear that if I talked about our big news too soon, it might not come to fruition. My husband however, has not felt that fear and has been shouting from the mountaintops that we are currently in the throes of buying our first home together. I believe he has been updating facebook on every single status since we started this crazy house hunting journey. His status for the past month has been, "Aaron is house hunting!!" "Aaron found a house!" "That house sucked!" "Aaron is house hunting again!" "Aaron put an offer down on a house!" "They didn't accept, house hunting again!" And on and on and on, he makes me laugh. So, I told him when we actually found a house and were about to close then I would be the one to announce the official news since he's been teasing all of y'all for the past month.

So....drumroll....we're about to close on our first home on October 14th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's really exciting. I've never felt like I had to buy a house before a certain age and I never really minded renting in the past, it was always so convenient. But when we came out to Seattle, I felt like if I had to rent again I would DIE. I couldn't imagine moving out of our temporary apartment into another rented apt or house and then having to move...again. We both felt like with the economy the way it was, and us having enough money for a down payment that now was the time to get into a house. So, major props to Aaron who literally scoured all of Seattle for the perfect house. On all of his days off he and Bella were in the car looking for the Shurts' first home. There were a couple that we put offers on and they didn't work out, but never discouraged he continued the search and then one day he came home and said..."I've found our house." So when I went and looked at it, I knew this was going to be the place for us. It's about 1300 square feet on the outskirts of Seattle in a nice, suburby area. In this move to Seattle, Aaron and I have found out that we love the suburbs. We like nice quiet neighborhoods where there are families and kids...we are not city dwellers. We don't like festivals going on outside of our bedroom door and beercans strewn around the streets where we walk Bella. So...we are moving to the burbs and we couldn't be more excited about it!

So, wish us luck in the moving process and I will post pics when we get all of our furniture inside of it!