Monday, September 22, 2008

Seattle-ites is crazy

Dear Blog,
People continuously crack me up. Like, everyone ALWAYS has a comment about everything. For example, for the past year or so when Aaron and I would tell our friends that we were moving to Seattle after asking why and not really getting the "because we want to" answer we gave every time they would immediately say "You know it rains a lot there." If I had a nickel for every time someone said that to both of us, I'd at least have a couple bucks by now. Enough to buy an Icee and maybe one for Aaron too! Alright, so fast forward to July when both of us are out here and we start getting to know people and we tell them we just moved here from North Carolina and after they ask us why and not really getting our answer of "because we wanted to" the first thing they say is "Well...get ready for the rain."

A couple of Icee's later, I'm talking to a woman I'm interviewing for our store and she just moved back here from California and she's warning me about the rain and the winter. And you know, at this point I'm just tired of people warning me like every single day about this damn rain. So, in a moment of boldness and stankness I look at her and say "If it's that terrible, why did you move back here from balmy California?" I was expecting something like her parents live here, California's too expensive, her boo is here...some sort of factor that forced her to move back to rainy Seattle against her will. I was not expecting the following answer;

"Because I missed our rainy winter."

WHAT?!? You missed it? And you're sitting here rubbing elbows with every other Seattle-ite here in Starbucks about these awful, rainy winters and you came back because you missed it?

Seattle-ites is crazy.