Friday, August 31, 2007

Labor Day Vacay

Dear Blog,

I meant to look up the origins of Labor Day and why we have it off but I got sidetracked on Perez Hilton listening to Brit Brit's new single that just dropped, (which is OKAY but I'm not running out to buy it anytime soon. Does anyone miss vintage Britney?? Sigh...) But, if anyone out there knows why we have Labor Day then feel free to write in. Actually, this seems like a good job for Tony Ritz because he likes to do random stuff like this and I haven't heard from him on the blog in a while.

Aaron and I had big plans for the holiday, like fly to Vegas or Palm Springs and just live it up. But slowly, ever so slowly....reality checked in and our trip got downsized, BUT we are still taking a trip! We're going to Wilmington for the weekend and staying in a cute Bed and Breakfast! I'm excited, and I'll have my laptop with me so if any of you know of anything we HAVE to do in Wilmington, just write in and we'll do it.

While many of you will be at some sort of football game this weekend, think of me and Aaron chillaxin' on the beach.

Happy Labor Day!!



Anonymous said...

It is a holiday to honor the efforts of hourly wage earners. Or it is to celebrate the beautiful outcome of Leigh's labor pains.

Paul said...

laptop on vacation? OMG someone is a total nerd

BellaFrench said...

OMG shut up Paul.

prof said...

paul, you suck.

*jcg said...

can't wait to see bar golf photos.
hope you didn't take the computer with you to that too.

Warren "not G" said...

the new Britney jam--like "Umbrella" and "Lip Gloss is Popping" before it--is only a good song when thumping out of some club's speakers, causing you and 57 of your closest friends to do "sexy" bump & grind movements.

but yes, bring back the days of "Slave 4 U" and I'll be happy.

Anonymous said...