Thursday, September 20, 2007


Dear Blog,

Thank goodness it's Thursday for real. Sometimes I feel like I have a handle on things and I'm sittin' on top of the world and nothing can bring me down. And happens and I'm brought back down to earth. So, this week has been an "Alison, you are not the shiz, you are a dork and will always be a dork" type week.

So, Tuesday night our bff's Leigh, Kyle, Alex and Molly came over for dinner. Before they came over we ran to the groc' to pick up some last minute groceries. Alright, you know how grocery stores discount products and put them in carts in the middle of the aisles sometimes? Well, we're in the frozen food aisle gettin' some spinach and I see three carts filled to the brim with bottles of wine. So, like a moth to a flame, I am drawn to the buggy. (I tried to write cart but I'm just a buggy sayin' girl, deal with it). I pick up a bottle of wine and see this highlighted, $0.65. WHAAAAATT?? They've discounted wine down to 0.65?? Hell to the yes, we're stocking up! So I call the husby over and we're both ecstatic and picking up all of these bottles and it's hilarious because anything over 1.65, is just waaaay too much to spend on this discounted wine. At the end of our foray into bargain wine, we probably have about 15-20 bottles of wine in our buggy. We stroll up to the check out and are totally smug with our fab find. Well, when she starts ringing up the wine it's all coming up at like $10/bottle...hmmm..this seems suspicious. I cautiously pick up a bottle. I inspect the bottle. I realize that I am a blooming idiot. I was looking at the SAVINGS...not the PRICE. Big difference. BIG. HUGE!
"Um...Miss Cashier, I'm afraid there's been a mistake, you see, I thought this wine was 65 cents, not $9. I'm afraid we don't want any of this wine"
"None? You don't want none?"
"Correct. We don't want none."
Meanwhile, my face is totally turning red and I'm mortified because people were starting to stare. Lucky for me, I had husby with me. I probably would have run out of the Harris Teeter had I been by myself. One of the many positives about being married :) Cheesy wink and smile.

Our dinner party went great, thanks for asking. The next day, I wake up and am about to enjoy my 7 minute commute to work., my car is feeling funny. Maybe my engine is just not used to this balmy weather since it's been so hot all summer. Y'all, my ENTIRE ride to work was ridiculous...I was being bounced up and down and I thought Ashton Kutcher came and installed hydraulics in my car and I was being punked!!! I was literally bouncing up and down, side to side, to and fro. So, for my normally calm ride to work I was frantically dialing anyone I knew who knew anything about cars. As soon as I could I thumped and bumped my hydraulic ride over to the car fixing place.

$225 later, it's all good and I can't wait until my car screws me again.
What to the ev. Tomorrow's Friday.



Drew said...

aaaahhahahahahahaha!!! no offense. aahhaahahahahahha!! seriously.

*jcg said...

hate to admit it, but i probably would have stocked up too!

Julie said...

I miss the Harris Teeter. I miss Charlotte.

Tony Ritz said...

If you and Aaron ever get desperate you can just start serving 'Tussin at your dinner parties. It does the same thing as el vino and there's some substantial savings!

BellaFrench said...

Charlotte misses you, Julie, but at least you have Bella French to help you reminisce.

Tony, guffaw, guffaw.

Anonymous said...

How is your personal shopping business doing?

Was your client happy with what you picked out for her?

I thought the web site looked great!

It Girl said...

It went very well, thanks for asking! she loved all the things I picked out for her and purchased most of them. She is definitely going to use me again!

Tony Ritz said...

Uhh, hellooo? An update, please?

faris said...

Man mate, that car is in need of a replace

Anonymous said...