Saturday, May 17, 2008

Damn hippies

Dear Blog,

It's no secret that I work at the BEST yoga studio in Charlotte. For reals, I went to another one this past week and was seriously UN-impressed. I won't mention the name of it but just recognize that Yoga One is the best. You can check out their website here, Yoga One . You can also check out my phatty profile, it's a little embarrassing but you already know all about me anyway so what to the ev, Here

There's nothing better than some shameless self promotion, right? One of the things I love about the studio is the different types of people that work there. In my previous jobs I have not encountered that much diversity but at Yoga One everyone is so different and it is quite fun. So, that being said, all of this diversity has introduced me to a couple different things, some good and some bad, that I never would have known had I not worked at Yoga One.

Hippie Butter Seriously people, this stuff is good. Put it on a banana and wham, you've got yourself a nutritious little snack and it keeps you full because it's got twice the amount of fiber as peanut butter. Can we say a healthy digestive tract? Holla.

Jesus Bread Now, if you use the Hippie Butter on the Jesus bread, then you are really feeling good because that's two organic things that you are eating, at the same time! Now pat yourself on the back and call it a day.

All Hippie Butter and Jesus Bread aside, I think one of the most important lessons I have learned from working at the yoga studio is that every day is what I make it. I can either let myself be in a bad mood and reactive and be stank with everyone I come in contact with or I can choose to be in a good mood and let things roll off my back. I know that sounds all crazy and hippie like, but just think about it, then try it, and then thank me. You're welcome in advance.

xoxo (or Namaste for all you enlightened ones)


Anonymous said...

damn hippies is right!

ambular said...

awwww. my little alison is all grown up ;)

i'm glad to see you're embracing the hippie lifestyle. my inner hippie is very happy about this.

Drew said...

1. sometimes, its ok to be stank with people. even when you know you shouldn't.

2. omg! sunbutter is my new fave food. i had a jar of unopened peanut butter in my cabinet for months because i was sooooo over it. but i heart hippie butter.

Anonymous said...