Thursday, May 29, 2008

Officially an expert

Dear Blog,
You read right! I am officially considering myself an expert on marriage now that I've been married for a year and a few days. This past Monday, May 26, was my and Aaron's first anniversary! What a lovely day it was. We celebrated the big anniversary/Memorial Day weekend by going to Savannah, Ga. We stayed at the purty Westin Harbor Resort and enjoyed ourselves way too much. Aaron kept referring to it as our honeymoon so I tweaked the name a little bit and started calling it the "mini-moon." We had so much fun during our mini moon that we vowed we would take one every year no matter how busy our lives became.

At the risk of sounding absolutely cheese-a-licious, I never imagined that being married would be this easy and fun. This past year with Aaron has been one of the best of my measley 27 years on this planet. He is my best friend, biggest fan, constant companion and knows all of the quirky, OCD, expensive habits I have and still loves the heck out of me anyway. We've taken some great trips, had a lot of laughs and learned that communication really is key; "Aaron, I promise, I really DO need that pair of shoes. I'm only telling you now that I'm going to buy them so you can have some time to get used to that idea."

I can only hope that the rest of our years will be as easy as this one was.

P.S. The cake was freezer burnt. Booooooo.



spunniversary said...

a part of me really wanted to hate on this post, but ever since I've been in a relationship, I've been softened. So, CONGRATS ON A YEAR AND MAY THE REST BE EVEN BETTER!!!!!

(did you notice how I again managed to make a comment meant to be about you totally about me - I'm good at that)

ambular said...

awwwwwwwwwww al. that warmed my heart :)

prof said...

spu, bless your heart.

bless it.

Chris E. said...

Congrats guys!

Drew said...

i like how everything related to your wedding/marriage involves photos with cakes and forks. well almost.

BellaFrench said...

Spu, I'm always trying to hate on you, and I DO.

Drew, Aaron and I really, REALLY, like us some cake. We ain't playin'.

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