Thursday, May 22, 2008

A little of this and a little of that

Dear Blog,

I'm always on a diet and that means that Aaron is always on a diet too! Isn't that so fair? Well, thanks to my Internet BFF, us being on a diet has been so much easier. Like a good Internet BFF she told me about a recipe of the day from Cooking Light. All you have to do is sign up on Cooking Light's website for their recipe of the day and like *magic* a new healthy recipe appears in your inbox everyday. I've been cooking at least one of these recipes every week and generally trying to eat healthier for about the past month or so. Tonight we decided to have Elk burgers. Yes. Elk burgers. 90% Lean Meat. Virtually fat free. With organic baked potatoes and organic corn. I know. WTF? Have we completely lost it? Yep. Cause that burger was DISGUSTING. After one bite I thoughtfully looked at Aaron and said, "I don't think I like this burger." He took another bite and said, "Yeah, this is pretty gross." We then decided to screw the diet and go to McDonald's!! I mean, who can go wrong with 100% beef? Not me. Definitely not Aaron.

Two quarter pounders, two fries and one large DIET Coke later, we were much happier people. Even with the addition of about 2,000 calories.



merritt said...

Props to you for at least attempting the elk burger. I would have seen the title and immediately assumed bad things. You never know until you try.

Julie said...

Buffalo is pretty good and very lean.

spujangles said...

elk? no ma'am. we will require deep fried chicken and biscuits on our visit.

Damon said...

McDonald's burgers 100% beef? Haha, now THAT's a good one.

Alison said...

um, hello Damon, the box says 100% beef.

Anonymous said...