Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Dear Blog,

So, one of my best friends from college is pregnant. Her name is Mate. It's still kind of unreal to me that she is pregnant and quite frankly, sometimes I forget. (whoops) It's not that her pregnancy is not important to me but I'm just not USED to the idea of MATE having a CHILD. That is so grown-up and kind of intimidating. I keep forgetting that I'm officially a grown up, sometimes I feel like Aaron and I are just playing house and I'm going to wake up from this dream and be freaking out about a pre-cal exam at 8:00 a.m. Babymate is due at the end of April or the beginning of May and Mate and I wanted to go to Charleston for the weekend, just the two of us, to have a mate weekend before life changes. Mate taught me two very important things about pregnancy that I did not know that I will need to remember if/when this woman decides to have little brats children.

1. A babymoon! Apparently, before you are banned from traveling because you are to push out a little booger, your husband is supposed to take you on a fantastic trip called A BABYMOON! I think that idea sounds fabulous and have already planned my babymoon to Maya Tulum and dreaming of my virgin mai-tai's...yuuummmmm. Since Mate and Caleb aren't going on a babymoon, we termed our weekend the Matey-Moon and I hope it sufficed as a trip before Babymate is born.

2. A push-prize!!! Yes, folks, that is exactly what you think it is. You get a PRIZE for PUSHING a BABY out of your HOO-HOO. I mean, that really sounds enticing to me because someone is going to have to strongly convince me that having children is worth the time, money and responsibility before I willingly comply to pushing a baby out of my hoo-hoo. I'm just sayin'.

So, in the midst of my learning about these two very important items dealing with pregnancy, Mate and I were in the middle of a tornado. I'm like why do we have to deal with tornadoes during our matey-moon? It was stressful. The very overzealous weathermen were scaring the DAYLIGHTS out of me warning about this stupid tornado! I seriously thought I was going to die. Not only was I worried about dying, I was worried about having to become McDreamy or something and pulling out mate's baby in case it decided to come early during the stress of the "WORST STORM TO HIT CHARLESTON EVER IN THIS CENTURY OR EVER IN ALL OF CHARLESTON'S EXISTENCE EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER! GET IN THE BASEMENT FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS HOLY!" So, I'm texting Ron and my family telling them that I love them, I'm also lookin' up on the interweb how to deliver babies in case something decides to happen. While I'm huddled in a basement with my dear pregnant friend, reminiscing on my short 27 years of life, laughing over the good and bad times, convinced that I'm about to be knock, knock, knockin' on Heaven's door, I get a text from my dad. I think to myself surely my dad is going to tell me he loves me and thanks for the being the best daughter a Dad could ever ask for. This is what the text reads: "Clemson beat Duke. Don't die and ruin my day."

Leave it to a tornado to show you who really cares. Thank you Mom, Michael and Ron for sharin' the love.



Moo said...

Y'all are growing up, no crazy faces?!!!

BellaFrench said...

Nope, we didn't do a crazy face picture this time around. I didn't even think about it. Shoot.

Anonymous said...

i still don't get the babymoon.
i mean, you're uncomfortable, none of your clothes fit, and you're reduced to virgin cocktails. who the heck wants to travel to some far-off destination under those terms?

i'm just sayin'.

spugnant said...

I was really hoping that babymoon would involve some type of "crack is wack" comment...but alas! no mooning involved in the babymoon.

in mooning babies news - I can't wait for your trip up here!

also, I love your dad, and look forward to the day I can call him pops.

Mate said...

What a great blog. And seriously, why didn't we take a crazy face picture? When you come visit after the baby comes, we'll do that. I'll probably be feeling much crazier...

Anonymous said...