Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Sick Day

Dear Blog,

I know I don't often write about the plight JOYS of being married but I need to warn all of my unmarried friends about what will happen to you once you get married. You're, like, held accountable for, like, everything you do. Everything. (That includes shopping.) Aaron and I have been married for 9 months. Technically there could be a little baby running around now, thank God there is not but that does seem like a long time to be married doesn't it? We don't really ever fight or even have heated discussions, in fact, being married to Aaron is probably the easiest thing I've ever done. But, every once in a while (ed. note: once a month or so) Aaron and I will have a lovely discussion (ed.note: ARGUMENT, RUN!!! RUN!!!) about a few minor but necessary purchases (ed.note: shopping sprees) that I may have.

This past weekend my mom came to town for a beginners yoga workshop at the studio and when she comes we always make a trip to SouthPark Mall. While we were at Nordstrom I found two bags that I HAD TO HAVE. So, I did what I had to do, I bought both. I mean, they are really different. I had a little guilty feeling inside but I just pushed that negative thought aside because I really needed these bags. Cut to the next day. My mom is leaving. Enjoy the following scene:

Alison: "Bye Mom! Love you!"
Aaron: "So, are you going to show me what you bought at the mall?"
Al:"Sure (inner dialogue:F*!K...he's going to kill me)...maybe later"
Aar: "How about now?"
Al: "Okay....I'll go get them.
Alison goes to get her bags and quickly tries to devise a plan about how to explain the purchase of two bags from Nordstrom.
But she can't come up with anything dammit, she's just going to have to come clean. Oh wait, wait, one of the bags can be used to jet-set because we are jet-setters and the other one is just cute. And the jet-setting bag can also be used to ride around on the scooter when I have to carry lots of items...alright, this is getting better and better. Sweet.

Al: "Alright, I bought this shirt that was 50% off...how cute is that? And this hot little number was like 80% off? See how I'm totally a bargain shopper? Aren't you proud of me?
Aar: "Yep, good honey. What's in that Nordstrom bag?"
Al: Well, you see, I needed a bag for the scooter and all of the traveling we do so I bought this bag And then I saw this cute little Marc Jacobs number and I bought it too.
Aar: "You did what?!?!? How much did you spend?"
Al to self: Shit...he's not liking my explanations, what next, what next? Steam is coming out of his ears, what do I do?
Al to Aar: Smiles..."Aren't they so cute?"
Aaron: "Why did you buy two?"
Alison: "Duh. One is blue, one is green, one is big, one is little."
Aaron: "Why can't you just spend $30 on a purse?"
Alison: "EGADS, AARON HAVE YOU LOST YOUR MIND? ARE YOU ASKING ME TO CHANGE? I might have said for 'better or for worse' but I never said 'for real or for fake!!!!!' Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh...I would never ask you to change....waaaaaaaaaah"
We then discussed for the next three hours how we could come to a suitable understanding on the ways our $ is spent, but future wives out there...for the love of God, never buy two bags in one day. Take it from me. After all of that was settled, I had to take a sick day (it was Sunday). I couldn't wrestle up any energy to do anything, not even enjoy my bags! It was terrible. I just watched lots of TLC and drank lots of wine. By the way, Jon and Kate plus 8 is a pretty cute show! I think Jon is way cooler than Kate though.

In non-related news, in order to deal with yours truly, Aaron has started doing yoga! Check out the pics. He's also added some of his own modifications.
Warrior 2
Warrior 2 with beerification


Finally, shavasana...with a Yuengling. Never better!

And together we say, Namaste!!



spugdorf goodman said...

I bought two pairs of jeans this weekend (minor but neccessary) and Gills didn't bat an eye...I think she likes it when I buy things.

On another note - the mj is ferosh... it was worth the fall out

charlsiekate said...

First off, I lost my ipod shuffle the other day. i'm convinced I'm going to find it soon. In the meantime, I ordered a nano, since I don't want to buy a new shuffle and then find the old one, and because I broke my real ipod back in october when it got wet overnight because I left the sunroof open in my car.

As for pocketbooks, I have a marc jacobs clutch I bought three years ago, actually it is suppose to be some sort of makeup bag, but I use it as a clutch. It is gold and little, but real leather so it stretches and you can put TONS of stuff in it, and it is perfect with every party dress I own. I would say, hands down, it is one of the best decisions I have ever made. Clutches are clutch.

As far as big MJ bags, beware. Although they are lovely and smell amazing and truly are timeless, you must think about how much the hardware on the bag weighs. I forwent new clothes for a season to purchase one and as much as I love it and as wonderful as it smells, IT IS SO HEAVY. Not good for travel. Without a single thing in it it easily weighs ten pounds.

But be on the lookout for the makeup bags that can double as clutches, because they are cheaper than the actual small pocketbooks but just as cute.

Prof said...

spugdorf goodman,

you are not allowed to create any type of an alliance until you are married. until then... you aint got shit on me.

spumingdale's said...


Oh, Proffessor Frugal! you needn't fret an alliance here - I've already talked to the spender about the prudence of her purchases - but i'm not one to deny anybody marc jacobs.

kate said...

Did I already tell you that Jon and Kate plus 8 is one of my new obsessions?? And not just b/c Kate is a cool name.

neighbor said...

lol...spurg you crack me up! al, i do have to say that that bag is way cute!

side note, i think that bella can totally learn how to swing!

BellaFrench said...

i'm so glad all of my friends from the world wide web think my bag is way cute, that makes me feel much better about my purchase!

kate, i did not know that Jon and Kate plus 8 was one of your faves! I'm definitely liking it though :)

Drew said...

I love Jon & Kate plus 8 too! Except Kate needs to chill out. Although if I had 8 kids I would probably be an anal retentive control freak too.

Al, the bag is super cute.

Anonymous said...