Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Wild, Wild, West

Dear Blog,

BellaFrench: Bringin' the dirty South out West; cause you know black people don't like snow.

For real, I don't think I saw one black person when I was in Colorado. Let me think about it...nope, none. I missed my peeps for real. Oh, and to answer the question; "Did she really wear that outside of the confines of the Shurts' household?" The answer is a big DUH. You know I was rockin' that outfit. I wore it to go snowmobiling, which I don't really like, but I did it anyway and I kept myself entertained by lookin' a fool. Husby and I had a great time in CO, to break it down here's what we did; Got there late, woke up the next day and went skiing, woke up the next day and went skiing, woke up the next day and went snowmobiling, woke up the next day and began our descent back East. Oh, and we ate a lot. Aaron's mom is a big fan of cooking. A LOT of food. So we ate a lot of food and that is always fun. Plus, you can eat more out there because the elevation is higher and that in and of itself burns calories so you just need to eat MORE cookies to LIVE. Sounds good to me.

Ohhhhhh, so this is funny. As far as skiing goes, I'm good but not great. I always check the intermediate box when I'm renting my skis. I've done my fair share of falling but nothing has ever happened to me like the following. I decided I needed to try the black diamonds. I find one that looks relatively challenging and give it a whirl, I fall. It's not a big deal, Tony(Aaron's dad) and my main man Paul (Tony's friend) help me back up. I don't want that stinkin' mountain to kick my butt, so I decide to go down again and this time I don't fall! Victory...or not. I turn around to check out my cohorts and I fall down but this time my ski comes off with my boot still attached to it. Clearly, my ski was still itching to ski down that hill. So it did. My ski (with the boot still attached) skiied right on down the hill by itself and ended up in the bank at the bottom of the mountain. Well, what's a girl to do? I don't have a boot on, I don't have a ski on so the only thing I can think of to do is just slide on down the hill on my well cushioned butt. Seriously, it was funny. It's a good thing I don't take myself too seriously because it was mildly embarrassing but I got over it. I gave everyone on the ski lift above me a good chuckle.

That's all I got for tonight!



Warren "not G" said...

You're right, black people + snow = bad news bears. Most of us don't wear scarfs, we have no idea what North Face is, and we're pretty sure we'd get incredibly ashy once we set one foot in Colorado. Our people are from Africa, we just aren't made for the cold, 15 degree, might as well be Norway weather. That's why most of us prefer to live in God's Country (i.e. anything below the Mason-Dixon).

neighbor said...

oh no you didn't! girlfriend, that outfit is b-a-d bad!

i would have loved to see you "skiing" that black diamond!

hater * 12 said...

where are all of your followers?

Sim-One said...

What Warren "not g" said. LOL

Anonymous said...