Monday, April 14, 2008

April Showers (supposedly) bring May Flowers

Dear Blog,

What if you don't care about flowers? I don't care about flowers, I mean they're nice and all but you will definitely not find me on any given Saturday outside planting flowers in my yard, or weeding, or digging. That bug just hasn't hit me yet, maybe it will? Who cares, anyway. I told Aaron never to buy me flowers as a nice gesture because I didn't like flowers. He hasn't. Alright, enough about the damn flowers already. It has been raining like the dickens here in Charlotte and while we need the rain, I'm really just ready to wear my new, white, shades I bought this past weekend. They are super cool and they really complement my helmet that I wear to ride the Vespa. It's all about the accessories, really. I'm sad to say though, these super white hot sunglasses are not an Alison original. One of my best friends, we'll call him "Spum" has a super hot girlfriend and she wore these sunglasses to my rehearsal dinner last year and ever since that night, I've been wanting these sunglasses. I know you're thinking, who notices a pair of sunglasses at their rehearsal dinner and is still stalking them out almost a year later? The answer would be me, my friends. The one and only. I will always notice what you are wearing and more than likely definitely will be judging it. I can't help it, it's just the way God made me. Here is a pic of Gilleon (Spum's girlfriend) in the sunglasses that I just bought.

I don't know why I just gave you all the background about these sunglasses, I just really, really liked 'em and am excited to wear them.

In other news, my mom came this weekend! Of course we went shopping but I didn't get myself into trouble like I did the last time she came. I steered way clear of the handbag section. Aside from all of the shopping that was done, I got a great kick out of taking Mom on a Vespa ride. She was a little wary but I convinced her that I take Aaron on the Vespa alllllllllllll the time. It's true. Well wouldn't you know that Mom loves the Vespa? She was waving at everyone like she was in a parade and if someone was on a sidewalk she would say "HEY!" and I was laughing so hard. We looked a sight. I really wish I had gotten a pic but I didn't have the camera. Sad.



Anonymous said...

don't hate but i just tagged you.

Drew said...

1. weren't you just wishing for rain in your last blog because of your super cute new trench coat? (and btw bellafrench readers, i have viewed said coat and it is tres chic)

2. is it spum like "spuuuuuum" or spum like "spuhm"?

BellaFrench said...

Drew, I was thinking about that when I wrote it....wait for sun, wait for rain. Well, at least I've got 'em both covered!

Anonymous said...