Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Best week ever

Dear Blog,

So...last week was my birthday, you might have heard? Well, if you didn't that's cool too. I generally don't have high expectations for my birthday because I hate being let down and usually for birthdays you can't like create your own birthday party or birthday lunch or birthday whatev because you'll look like a loser so it seems like that particular day's happiness is dependent upon other people and sorry folks, but I don't have time to depend on you for my own happiness. I'm in charge of my happiness thank you very much.

So, Wednesday began like every other day. I'm working a closing shift and Aaron says he wants to take me to work because he has a surprise for me. Well hey, that totally works because that means I don't have to ride the bus* and I get a surprise!?! Helllllllll yeah. So, we get to work and it's pretty busy so I get down and dirty with some guests trying to get them to buy some luon and all of a sudden there's Aaron with no present. Uhhh....that wasn't part of the deal Ron. You were supposed to show up with a present, now get out the way so I can sell my luon. He gets out of the way. All of a sudden my assistant manager Ryan is shuffling me to the back room trying to get me to look at his emails...huh? Why do I have to look at YOUR emails? That's weird. Welll, since I'm nosy I enjoyed looking at his emails and I got really into it. All of a sudden I hear a commotion and I turn around and there's my mom standing in our office!!! Saaaaaaaayyyyyy whaaaaaaatttttt??? I screamed so loud and then she screamed and then we both were screaming and then crying and poor Assistant Manager Ryan was right in the middle of this huge commotion. He about hit the deck because of all of this screaming and crying. Of course all of my coworkers totally enjoyed seeing the screaming and crying because you know...usually I'm cool, calm and collected. That's right.

So, Aaron and Mom totally collaborated for months on end on how they could surprise me for my birthday and it really worked. I had no idea. It was one of the best birthdays ever and only would have been better if my Doo Da had been here too! (I'm trying to convince my dad that "Doo Da" is a good granddad name, so far he's not buying it but I'm going to keep trying!)
We went on a fabulous tour de chocolate, a tour of all of the chocolateries around Seattle, went shopping, went to Bainbridge Island and ate and ate and ate and laughed and laughed. Thanks Aaron, Mom and Dad for one of the best birthdays EVER! You successfully made me feel special and loved on the big 28. Now I'm expecting all of my birthdays to be the double bomb like this one was. So there.

*Even though I got a new car, I still ride the bus because driving and parking in Seattle is a.) a bitch and b.) really expensive. Now you are asking yourself why did we get a car? Well, the only car we had was a Jeep Wrangler and I believe I've spoken to how unbelievably comfortable those Jeep Wranglers are. Note sarcasm. Plus, I'm too old to learn how to drive a stick so Aaron was driving my behind everywhere and that was severely hindering my shopping habit.


Mooma said...

I kept waiting for the blog about me!!! Yay! It was SO much fun.

Kate said...

Um, "Doo Da is a good granddad name"? Is there something else you need to tell us??

P.S. Glad you had such an amazing birthday!

prof said...

surviving Christmas Kate... Surviving Christmas.

BellaFrench said...

yes Kate, I'm pregnant and announcing it very passive aggressively! Puh-leeze! But in the future, yes I plan to procreate because these genes are to valuable to only keep to myself, I mean that is just selfish. The movie Surviving Christmas is what Aaron is referencing, you should check it out and that is where doo-da originated.

Donna said...

no doo-da



Mooma said...

Don wrote the above, not Donna:-) I vote for Dododa.

prof said...


BellaFrench said...

y'all crack me up.

BellaFrench said...


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