Wednesday, November 19, 2008

How in the heck is Thanksgiving next week?

Dear Blog, is Thanksgiving next week?!? It doesn't even feel like Thanksgiving time. Seattle is all decorated for Christmas and I'm like hopefully it will feel like Christmas soon because I'm not feeling it right now. I love the Christmas season, and uh, Aaron does too. Have you ever met him? He goes a little over the top, have I ever told you about the plastic snowflakes he put in our yard last year? Well, it was real niiiiiiiiiiiiice , if you know what I mean. The snowflakes will not be returning. Aaron agreed they were a little much. Whew.

This year will be a little different because we won't be eating turkey and the trimmings for Thanksgiving, we will be in multiple airports probably eating Chili's To Go en route to St. Thomas! So, Aaron's sister (my sis in law) is getting hitched and decided to have a destination wedding and I think the original intent was for it to be small but instead I think about 50 peeps are going to be there. Destination weddings are so interesting to me. Aren't all weddings a destination for some? It just seems like "destination weddings" make it even harder and more expensive to get there. Whatever. I'm going to St. Thomas for a long weekend and I am so freaking pumped about laying my behind on the beach and drinks with umbrellas in them. I'm going to come back to Seattle with a tan and it's going to be the bomb. Aaron is obvy in the wedding and he needs to get some brown, leather, flip flops. I think he's going to get Rainbows and he hasn't gotten them yet which is really unfortunate because they are not comfortable when you first buy them. In fact, I believe they may blister. It's also unfortunate that both of Aaron's big toenails have gotten ripped off due to being a street balla on the basketball courts. Eek!

Lastly, I think Seattle-ites are wimps. I mean, all I ever hear about is the weather and blah blah blah...and y'all it rains some but not all the time. I haven't worn my rain jacket for the past week and a half. And today it was about 50 some degrees and all I heard was, "Winter has arrived." HUH? This is winter? Damn. I only wore one layer over my ujjayi tank and there were some people out in with dang earmuffs on. People is crazy. Maybe Seattle-ites aren't wimps...they're just dramatic. I can't figure out which.

So in a nutshell, I'm eating Chili's for Thanksgiving in St. Thomas and people in Seattle are funny. The end.



Connor Family Blog said...

True dat. I think it is super sweet that Ron loves Christmas so much. When are we supposed to get a tree? I want it now. St. Thomas is going to be awesome for Thanksgiving! You can get away from the "awful weather" that the Seattle-ites say you guys have. BTW, you are now a "Seattle-ite" too Matey!!!

Anonymous said...

Last Thanksgiving was the best ever! We were all together in Charlotte:-(

techjulia said...

I hear ya about people in Seattle thinking it is cold enough for earmuffs.
I was there the last week in October and barely needed a jacket. It was windy one day and everyone was walking around with scarves, hats, and big jackets! I was very surprised to find that it was colder in South Carolina while I was visiting Seattle.
Have a blast in St. Thomas!


I felt like his PoV was one that needed to be killed. Kellhus was using him, yes, but in the end they had the same goal. Instead of working with Kellhus, he continually tried to undermind him (which eventually he did) and all for what? Becuase he was pissed at his father? I wish the final scene with Kellhus, his father, and Cnaiur would have been something like Cnaiur and his skin spies come down, see Kellhus and his father talking. Cnaiur flips and his skin spies and him attack the two Dunyain. Kellhus is able to kill both skin spies, while Cnaiur and Moenghus fight to a stand still. Father and son team up, owning Cnaiur, and then Kellhus stabs his father mortally wounding him. Seeing his problems resolved, Kellhus teleports back to Shimeh and the story continues as planned.

I never really was attached to Cnaiur and I went into this series with the idea that Kellhus was my favorite PoV, and inless he dead something TERRIBLE I would wait to see his plan unfold and in the end I felt like I was right. lol

I was a little bit disappointed with the siege of Shimeh. All of a sudden Kellhus comes flying out of nowhere spewing Gnosis stuff and it's over... what the??

Anonymous said...