Monday, November 24, 2008


Dear Blog,
It started off with a simple "LOL" and then a "BRB" then grew to "OMG", and finally ending up with the oh so funny, "IDK my BFF Jill" which we all could relate to because we all abbreviate everything. I fully admit to using OMG about 25 times a day and writing it in emails and probably using it on the blog more than once or twice. My friends use it, my husband uses it, my parents use it and I believe my dog would use it if she were able to talk. Maybe she barks it out, who knows? What brings these deep thoughts to the forefront of the blog? It all stems from a deep conversation I had with two coworkers on Saturday while being the directors of first impressions in our store. And yes, the director of first impressions is a real station/duty in our store. So, anyway we were chatting about whether or not it's too feminine for guys to use "OMG" and the like and I said, I could see it being seen as feminine but so many guys use it I don't really think about it anymore. The one 'dude' we were talking to said he could forgive guys using OMG but what he couldn't get over was the overused ELLIPSIS and thought it was really feminine. You know the "...". The other female involved in the conversation and I were like, "Yeah! The dot, dot, dot gets TOTALLY overused!" But, I never really thought about the ellipsis being a feminine or masculine thing. So I decided to do a little test. Go back through my emails and take a random sample and see who overuses the ellipsis the most. Hands down it is the females. I wonder why? My coworker says it is because we can't complete a thought so we just connect all of our thoughts in hopes to get our point across and perhaps that is it. That conclusion makes me sad.

So let's take a stand for completing thoughts! And also taking our language back and not abbreviating everything! This is especially tough coming from someone who says "perf," "ferosh," and "totes."
I probably sound like a bumbling idiot...albeit a funny, bumbling idiot...and actually a cute, funny, bumbling idiot...which leads me to my next thought...the word "actually"...can we not use that in every other sentence....think about it...totes.



Drew said...

haha! this cracked me up! i am definitely guilty of overusing the "..." Sometimes I just feel like a period is a harsh way to end a sentence. I'm not really sure when I picked up that habit...probably sometime after I was not required to take any more English classes. Oops, there I go again...

Anonymous said...