Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Making History in November

Dear Blog,

I think we all knew that November would be a historical month when two of Aaron's dearest friends from the days of yore (college days), Paul and Kate, got engaged. Even though I haven't known these crazy kids from the days of yore I do consider them my friends too. I felt like I needed to clarify. Anyway you see, Paul and Kate have been dating for seven years. Paul proposed to her several times and Kate was all WHATEVER, but Paul kept the faith and finally on November 1, on Paul's seventh time proposing Kate finally said yes because she started to feel sorry for the young lad. So, let's all say a hip hop hooraaaaaaaay hoooooo to Paul and Kate and pour one out for our homies. Here is a funny pic of the couple scarfing down burgers at a random 5 Guys Burgers we found on the Lower East Side. Man, those burgers were good but we were definitely feeling them about an hour later. Yikes.

On to another positive note, I bought a new car!!! Since I now work in retail I take Sundays and Mondays off because I have to work one weekend day. While this works out quite nicely for getting errands run in no crowds, I get confused when I go back to work on Tuesday and I think it's Monday and people look at me like I'm crazy. Well, that's not unusual. Aaron gets Mondays off too so we can have a semi weekend together. So yesterday we decide to go car shopping cause that's how we do. We decide we want a car and BAM!! We find one and BAM we get some dope financing and BAM I'm driving home in a car. What kind of vehicle did we purchase? A silver BMW X3, hollaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. It drives like a dream and it's so nice to have a car again and not have to rely on Aaron to drive me places. I'm not one for having to rely on people. The end.

So, there's no way I can't NOT bring this up. (I totally am owning that double negative.) Now that Aaron and I have cable again I've been catching up on all of my favorite Bravo TV shows. I think all I need to say is the title of the following show. The Real Housewives of Atlanta. What the HELL was Bravo thinking? That show is turrble y'all. Now, I fully admit to loving the previous "Real Housewives of..." but this show is a disgrace. First of all, who smokes in their house??? That is disgusting and so 1976. Yuck. Second of all, these people don't know how to talk. Take an English class at your local community college for crying out loud. I don't care if you're rich, you need to know that the word "texts" does not have a second E in it and is not pronounced "textES" Say whhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaat??? What is the lesson learned? Just say no to the Real Housewives in Atlanta and pray they don't make another season. I don't like Atlanta that much, but I feel bad for Atlantan's because this show is makin' y'all look baaaaaaaaaddddddd.

And because I never like to end on a negative note, Obama just won!!!!!!!!!!! I'm not the most patriotic person out there but I am so proud of my country for making history tonight!



Connor Family Blog said...

So buying a new PHATTY car only gets one paragraph in a post?!?! Hello!!!! And you didn't even mention it on the phone!!!??? Pics, please!!!

Drew said...

#1 I discovered the Real Housewives of Atlanta this weekend too! I couldn't even watch a whole episode...that white girl spent like 10 minutes talking about how she was a. materialistic and b. a black girl in a white girl's body

#2 I also say "textes." Maybe its a Southern thing? Or just a retarded thing...

the real housespu of harlem said...

love the RHOA. pure comedy. straight foolishness. a character named Nene & another named "big poppa" who's never seen. Genius! don't hate.

Anonymous said...