Thursday, December 6, 2007

And the envelope goes to.....


Dear Blog,

Man, I'll have to admit. I'm a liiiiiiiiiiiiittle bit disappointed in my readers this past week. Can't figure out who the big CELEB is in the pic below? I even posted a hint and still nothin'. So, the big celeb-rit-y who graced the magazine office with his presence was the one and only LARRY SPRINKLE!!!! Who is Larry Sprinkle? Only the BEST weatherman in Charlotte, NC. Seriously, if you don't watch the Sprink, (as I lovingly refer to him) then you need to tune into channel 6 in the morning while you're watching Matt, Meredith, Al and Anne on the Today Show. I usually catch him at 7:26 and 7:56 a.m talking about the days weather.

Soooooo, the reason why he came to our office is because one of my coworkers is in looooooove with him and has pics posted up of him on her desk. It borders on the line of stalker/obsessiveness. Seriously, look at the man and just feel the sex appeal radiating off of him, DUH! Who wouldn't be obsessed? I mean, when he came into our office I couldn't keep my eyes off his nice, tight, little bum.

Anywhoodle, I'm thinking of making a BellaFrench teeshirt for my readers. I'm stealing this idea from my friend Paul of dport7 fame. Aaron and I still wear our tee shirts btw. Any suggestions of what would go on said tee shirt? Obvy, the web address, so get creative!!



prof said...

i think it should be sprinkle face!

Anonymous said...

YAY!!!! I made it to the BBLLOGG!

*jcg said...

the weatherman's last name is sprinkle?
i mean, does anyone else see the delicious irony here?

bailie said...

Laa-laa-laarrry Spaaa-rinkkle!

Shurt should say... 'BellaFrench' with a pic of the dog on the front and on the back say... 'This be how I roll'... Or 'I use it after I go to the groc'
Haha.. I'm a tard. This is the first time comment from me! Love your blog

Mr. Mister superfan said...

first off weather men are not celebrities don't kid your self. second stealing ideas from dport7......really? well I'll be waiting for mine! dport7 kinda sucks by the way i saw it in your links. although that guy paul is hot

Drew said...

A. The weatherman's name is Larry Sprinkle? Seriously?

B. I think the t-shirt should have some play on "Shurts"

Anonymous said...