Sunday, December 9, 2007

A train, a ticket and a smile

Dear Blog,

Saturday began as Saturdays often do, with coffee and little VH1. Whilst Aaron and I were pondering what to do with our day, I remembered we live pretty close to the brand spankin' new light rail and that it might be fun to take it for a whirl to Uptown. So, I suggested to Aaron we take the rail uptown for some lunch. I tend to stay away from Uptown because it is so hard to find parking and I hate paying $ to park my car in a garage. Annoying. Meanwhile, I'm getting ready and get a call from next door neighbor Leigh asking me if we have any taco, but do you want to ride the rail with us? After much, much, much pondering, and if you know Leigh this does not surprise, Leigh, Kyle, Miles, Aaron and myself are walking down the road en route to the rail. It was a very fun afternoon and YOU TOO can have as much fun as we did if you follow the tutorial below.

1. Start with a good attitude and remember to buy your ticket!! This is how you get on the train.

2. Aaron to me and Leigh, "Remember, always enter and exit the right side of the train. Also, let exiting passengers get off before you get on. That is the kind and polite thing to do. There is plenty of time for everyone to enter AND exit."

3. For safety reasons, hang onto the poles alongside the perimeter of the train or overhead as to maintain an upright position. We don't want your clumsy behind falling on other passengers.

4. Once exiting the train, stop, smile and pose. This look says, we just got off the Lynx Blue Line, naturally. What else would we be doing on a Saturday? If you have any questions, please feel free to ask us, as we are PRO-fessionals.

If you follow these 4 simple rules, you too can be a professional Lynx Blue Line rider! Where can the Light Rail take you?



Ryder said...

that looks like the most fun train ride ever!

Mr. Mister superfan said...

i don't get it.

*jcg said...

country come to town!
let's go check out the new wal-mart next weekend!

BellaFrench said...

duh Paul, Charlotte got a light rail...a.k.a. mass transit system a.k.a above ground subway! aaron, leigh, kyle, miles and myself all safely tested it out and then wrote a tutorial on how to successfully ride the train.

it's a big deal around here.

prof said...

i second that comment to mr misterwhatevertheheckyourname is. don't come down on us just because we don't have multi-tiered apple stores and subways that smell of stale urine. dixie is makin a comeback boyeeeee.

can i get a yeehaw?

probably not.

Warren "not G" said...

"I hate paying $ to park my car in a garage."

Me too. I think downtown Greenville did this to us. The whole "free parking on the weekends to stimulate economic growth downtown" was a great idea and everything, but now I expect the same idea to be implemented everywhere else. Oh Alison, why can't the rest of the world follow G-ville's lead?

BellaFrench said...

Warren Not G, I didn't know you still checked the blog! Welcome back.

Anonymous said...