Saturday, December 29, 2007

Whew! That was a close one.

Dear Blog,

How do you like the new look? Everyone needs a makeover for the new year and I thought the blog needed one as well. Special thanks to the creative director, Mr. Aaron Shurts, for the redesign of the site. Also, in blog news, you can now just type in and it will bring you to this site. How is that for O-FFICIAL? I'm thinking tee shirts will be just around the corner as well. Maybe a male version and a female version. I'll get the creative director on that pronto.

Annnnnnnnnnywhoodle, the holidays were fun. My now 11 year old car made it to Cincy and back, I was a little worried about that one but I was so proud of the way she handled it like a champ. Cincinatti was effin' cold y'all. I'm not used to that. I mean, it made my bones chatter. Lucky for me, I had Bella with me to keep me warm. Literally, we snuggled the whole time we were there. I don't have much to report from our trip to Ohio and not much to report from our trip to SC. It was just Christmas, lots of food, presents and family time...and that's my blog about the holidays. Oh, we stayed with Aaron's aunt and uncle and his three cousins and I gave them all rapper names; Mikey J, Drew Diesel and Baby G. I taught them how to do the chest bump and tell their teachers "Shut up Shawty! You ain't the boss of me. I'll do my homework when I damn well feel like it! And guess what, that day ain't today. Shiiiiiiiiiiiit." I miss those boys. P.S. I'm free to babysit anytime!

So, I got to thinking. (No smart aleck comments, please) As I'm evaluating the past year and rehashing the events in my brain, I'm thinking you know, it's been a pretty good year. I got married, I found a job I really like, Bella is the bomb, I started this blog, I got some sweet, sweet additions to the wardrobe and accessories collection, made some new friends, ditched some friends that got on my nerves, saw some of my friends get married, sweet little Miles was born and started doing yoga. Now, while I was thinking about all of the positives in my life, I started thinking about the negatives. Believe it or not, I can only come up with one negative. (I'm not going to say what that negative is because I like to keep some things private.) So, I can only come up with one negative thing of '07 and I think I spend about 95% of my time thinking about that neg, or talking about that damn neg to anyone who will listen. Can we say UH-NNOYING?? So, while I have so many blessings in my life, why do I spend so much time focusing on the ONE negative? Hmmmm....good question. So, I think my resolution for the new year is to focus on how great my life is. I know that '08 is going to be a great year! Have I told you my philosophy on even numbered years being super great years? I haven't, oh well. That can wait 'til another blog.

Til then,

Who loves you? BellaFrench, natch. (Bella on right, French on left)


Prof said...

I love the new site. I think it rocks. That's all I got.

neighbor said...

love it. love the slogan!
that's pretty cool that miles started doing yoga right after he was born.

Warren "not G" said...

"don't worry, be happy"

some smart man said that once...maybe it was Budda.

and i love the site's make over! when the page loaded, i went "ooooh" like someone just put tiramisu in front of me. nice job.

oh, and i'll take a shirt, please. i wear medium in short sleeve, large in long sleeve. thank you.

*jcg said...

love the new look!
and certainly one of the better parts of the year was finding me on facebook. probably even better than that white dress event, wouldn't you say?

Drew said...

yet again I fell off the face of the earth. I love love love the new site! props to the creative director.

Anonymous said...