Monday, October 15, 2007


Dear Blog,

I know you all loooove The Hills and after tonights riveting episode I was inspired by Tony Ritz's polls that he sometimes uses and decided to put up a poll of my own. It is immediately to your left! Take a vote. This very important poll ends at 11:59 tomorrow night!


P.S. Lesson learned from The Hills, never make a sex tape. Amen and good night.


haters said...

ok i voted, even though i don't watch the hills. obviously it was an educated (and correct) guess since i'm in the majority.

*jcg said...

is this photo supposed to represent you and aaron at the fair?

Tony Ritz said...

By "Hills" you mean the "fun pillows" that blonde is sporting in the photo, right? Oh, The Hills is a tv show? I'll be damned!

BellaFrench said...

jcg: spencer and heidi will NEVER represent me and aaron...!!!!! but they look like they are having fun.

tony: i like how your comment incorporated 1 of your 10 top fave things.

Tony said...

Synergy: Learn it, know it, love it.

Anonymous said...