Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Results are in!

With a very impressive 18 votes, 88% of you think Spencer started LC's sex tape rumors and 12% of you think it was Justin Bobby. Thanks for participating in my poll and see you next time!



Anonymous said...

hooray for polls
do more

prof said...

true, polls are fun. maybe you should find out what people want to poll???

my vote: who would win in a fight between lacey from rock of love and tiffany aka "new york"

my reason: both are crazy, bitchy and ugly.

close matchup i think.

BellaFrench said...


good one prof

*jcg said...

i say we vote on whether or not alison moves to columbia.
i vote yes.

Anonymous said...

dear blog,
is alison going to write again before she leaves me for seattle?
a concerned reader

Anonymous said...