Monday, October 22, 2007


Dear Blog,

I know, I know, I've been a terrible friend lately but sometimes life happens and prevents me from blogging. And life, as it is, has really been a total draaaaaag lately and made me want to end it all. Okay, not really, life has made me want to wallow in a vat of red wine not have the hangovers and eat what I want and not get fat! yippee.

So, this weekend, I termed getting back to my roots. Fellow blog reader Kate (of, check it out, it's in my links) was in Clover, SC helping out with her parents Fall Harvest Festival. You mention any type of festival to the hus and he's all about it and is halfway out the door before I can put my shoes on. Saturday morning I'm all about sleeping late and Aaron let me sleep til about oh...8:26 am, but who's paying attention and he's waking me up because we've got to get ready to go to Kate's family festival. So we drive down to SC and arrived to what we thought would be a small affair. No way you guys, the Windy Hill Orchard is a big damn deal. There were cars lined up waiting entrance into the parking lot and people directing traffic and I was like WHAT????? Kate's been my friend for YEARS AND YEARS and I had no idea this festival she talked about drew crowds like this. So, we had a great time eating apple doughnuts and drinking apple cider and watching little kids chase around chickens and it reminded me of my roots. Okay, so I didn't grow up on a farm or orchard of any kind, but my childhood home had a barn in the back and I would always chase around chickens whenever I saw them and somehow that counts.

After we were done with the festivities of the morning, we drove back to Charlotte to make it in time to my hair appointment. For the past year or so I've been wanting to dye my hair darker but was semi afraid because what if I looked fugly? So, instead of doing the dye job, I just kept cutting it shorter and shorter to see how different I could look. Well, after years of being blonde and just feeling totally bored and now I can't go any shorter because if I do then I would look like Sinead, I decided to proceed with the dye job. I was SHOCKED when I first saw it and kind of freaked out because it was a drastic difference.

Here are people's reactions.
Aaron: "I like it!"
Mom: "It'll have to grow on me"
Dad: "I like it! The blonde was out of control"
Leigh: "Wow!"
Kyle: "Whoa, your hair is awesome!"
Brother over the phone and 2,000 miles away: "What's the big deal that's your natural color?"

So, I'm kind of on the fence about it. But, I'll post a pic for you to be the judge. Oh, I'm the one in the middle with the ivory shawl-y thing.



Tony Ritz said...

I like it. Also, the blonde next to you looks like Blossom with blonde hair.

Emily C said...

I like the brown hair...fall is the perfect time to do it! I thought it would look way weird but it is super cute!

haters said...

i heart it.
and you!

meagan said...

i totally dig it! and i appreciate that you went back to your roots both at the orchard and in the hair salon. such clever writing...

leigh said...

love your dad's comment! outta control!
and my wow was def a good wow:)

Your mate said...

YAY for new hair. I can't wait to see it. Reading this on the blog means we need to catch up. :)

Anonymous said...